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Commercial Radon Mitigation Services

Meet OSHA and HUD standards and protect your employees from harmful radon.

Workplaces can pose significant risk of radon exposure for employees. New regulations that are intended to protect worker health (including radon exposure tracking) are currently major focal points of government agencies such as OSHA and HUD. Industrial structures such as office buildings and warehouses pose significant risks due to the number of people who spend a significant period of time in those structures each day. The sheer size of an industrial warehouse can hold a large amount of radon, and it is important for businesses to conduct radon testing (and commercial radon mitigation if necessary) on a regular basis.

If radon is found in your commercial or industrial facility, SWAT Environmental will install radon mitigation systems efficiently and with high quality to minimize the impact to your workforce or get your employees back to work as quickly as possible.

SWAT Environmental provides commercial radon mitigation services across the United States. We are the largest, most experienced radon mitigation company in the United States. Locate a SWAT Environmental office near you.


Choosing SWAT for Commercial Radon Mitigation

If your business is operating while the radon problem is being repaired, SWAT Environmental will partner with you to identify options that minimize the impact to your business. We understand that having to address radon gas in your commercial property can put you, your employees and your investment at risk. SWAT Environmental is committed to getting the job done right the first time. Hiring SWAT Environmental for our continued expertise and experience with radon problems will secure the safety of your business and give you peace of mind.

What Radon Mitigation System is Best For My Business?

There are several different methods of radon mitigation. Each of these methods is designed with one goal – reduce the radon levels inside your commercial building. The design of the system will vary depending on the configuration of the property, age and other key factors. Check out the different radon mitigation systems

Nationwide Experience

With any business decision, you ask questions, consider experience, seek referrals and consider timing and price. From the information on our website to our experienced, nationwide customer service representatives, you’ll find that we have the background and experience to service your commercial needs. Since many states now require all commercial radon mitigation companies to be registered and licensed, we have been aggressive in ensuring that all of our field technicians have the proper licensing and certification for the states in which they operate.

We utilize an Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) method to mitigate radon problems in commercial buildings and homes alike. This form of commercial radon mitigation works by stabilizing and equalizing the pressure between the soil outside the building and the air inside. When the pressure is higher in the surrounding soil than it is inside the building, the gas is then sucked into the building through tiny cracks and holes, causing radon contamination. But when our SWAT Environmental commercial radon mitigation technicians utilize the active soil depressurization method, the pressure is equalized and thus draws radon from underneath the building, protecting the health of your employees and customers.