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Crawlspace Depressurization Radon System

Radon Mitigation System Information

Crawlspace Membrane Depressurization Systems are installed inside a home or businesses crawl space. The system basically leverages the crawlspace membrane as a key collection point for radon gas.

Crawlspace Membrane System Diagram
Diagram of a crawlspace depressurization system for radon mitigation.

The crawlspace membrane depressurization system works by sealing off the crawlspace and uses the sealed space as the collection point for the radon mitigation system. The radon fan is mounted outside of the crawlspace on the exterior of the building and runs continuously as it pulls the radon gas out of the sealed crawl space through the PVC pipe that runs up the side of the building. The hazardous radon gas is safely released from the system’s stack which extends past the roof line.