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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide healthier homes and workplaces in neighborhoods everywhere. To make this vision a reality, we will deliver the nation’s highest quality radon mitigation solutions with unmatched customer satisfaction and an unwavering commitment to employee engagement. We will do this together, as one SWAT, with long-term growth strategies, a focus on strong partnerships and with the most talented team of staff and technicians in the country.

Our Story

SWAT Environmental was founded in 1988 by Christopher Coffey. He became one of the first radon mitigation professionals to participate in the Radon Contractor Proficiency Program created by the EPA. Over the past 30 years, SWAT Environmental has grown to become America’s largest radon mitigation company. 

In 2002, SWAT was purchased by Jamey Gelina, a realtor at the time, who recognized the demand for a radon mitigation company that would deliver on the needs of the real estate market. With his vision and guidance, SWAT Environmental has grown to become America’s largest radon mitigation company.

2005 was a milestone year. SWAT Environmental took its first steps outside the state of Michigan and started expanding into national markets. Over the next several years, SWAT Environmental continued to grow and over a hundred thousand radon mitigation systems in locations across the United States. In 2013 alone, SWAT Environmental installed more than 15,000 radon mitigation system.

In 2012, SWAT Environmental opened their first national franchise location in Colorado. This was a huge step forward in the company’s progress and helped fuel their amazing and continued growth rate.

Also in 2012, Inc. Magazine released their “Annual List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies.” For the first time in history, a radon mitigation company made the list. SWAT Environmental ranked 13th among companies in the environmental industry.

In 2013, for the second straight year, SWAT Environmental was honored by Inc. Magazine’s list of the top 5000 fastest growing companies. Also in 2013, the company ranked no. #1841 out of the top 5000 fastest growing companies. This same year, SWAT Environmental also ranked in second other lists created by Inc. Magazine.: #17 in the top 100 Environmental Services Companies, and #38 in the top 100 companies in Michigan.

Posting a growth rate of 208% over the last three years, SWAT Environmental’s incredible success has propelled the company forward as well as achieved these recognitions.