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Passive Radon System Activation

Radon Mitigation System Information 

A passive radon mitigation system is activated when high levels of radon gas have been detected. Passive systems can be modified if radon gas levels increase and the existing passive system cannot effectively mitigate the current radon level. The systems are established by adding a fan to facilitate pulling the radon gas from the radon collection point already established with the passive system.

Diagram of a typical passive system activation for radon mitigation.

The system works by creating negative pressure under the home with the existing radon collection point. The radon fan that has been added to the system in the attic must run continuously in order for the system to work correctly to mitigate the radon from the home or building. From the radon collection point under the slab, the radon gas is collected and the system’s fan pulls the gas from under the home through the radon collection point and routes the gas safely through the PVC piping installed in the attic where the gas is safely expelled through the existing passive system’s roof stack.