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Second Tap Passive Radon System Activation

Radon Mitigation System Information 

Passive system activations with a second tap are installed in homes or businesses with existing passive systems where the radon level has increased over time, or has increased and the passive system can’t handle the current radon level. The systems are established by adding a second radon collection point as well as a fan to facilitate pulling the radon gas from the radon collection points.

Second Tap Passive Activation Diagram
Diagram of a passive system activation with a second tap for radon mitigation.

The active system works similarly to the original passive system but adding a fan creates negative pressure under the home using the existing radon collection point and the new radon collection point. The radon fan that has been added to the system in the attic must run continuously in order for the system to work correctly to mitigate the radon from the home or building. The radon gas is collected from the radon collection points under the slab. The system’s fan pulls the gas from under the home through the radon collection points and routes the gas safely through the PVC piping up through the attic where the gas is removed from the home through the existing passive system’s roof stack.