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Second Tap Garage Attic Radon System

Radon Mitigation System Information

Second Tap Garage Attic Systems are installed in homes or businesses with existing garage attic systems.

Second Tap Garage Attic System
Diagram of a second tap garage attic system for radon mitigation.

The system works by creating a negative pressure under the home where two radon collection points have been established. The radon fan that is mounted in the attic must run continuously in order for the system to work correctly to mitigate the radon from the home or building. From the two radon collection points under the slab, the radon gas is collected and the system’s fan will pull the gas from under the home’s radon collection points, routing the gas safely through a PVC pipe stack which has been installed in the garage attic and out of the home. This method is not quite as common as a single tap system. It is only needed in complex configurations and where the radon gas levels are unusually high.