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Radon Mitigation System Add-Ons

Additional Products

Our radon mitigation system installations come with standard piping and materials for proper radon mitigation of your home or business. We do have some additional products for you to choose from including different colored pipes to better match the aesthetics of your home, a different location so the pipe isn’t seen from the front of the house, and more.

These additional items can be discussed with your radon mitigation specialist prior to installation. If you already have an existing radon mitigation system installed and you would like to get more information about any of these items, please feel free to contact one of our radon mitigation specialists by phone or through our get a quote form.


Inline FANMAX Fan

Upgrading your system from the standard fan to the FANMAX fan increases the power of your fan and the overall CFM (cubic feet per minute) of your radon system. The FANMAX fan is often used in homes with substantial levels of radon, crawl spaces with exposed dirt, or denser aggregates like clay.


Interior and Garage Attic Installations

Interior and Garage Attic System

An interior installation will ensure the radon mitigation system is 99.9% hidden. In most cases, a garage attic routed system begins in the basement, comes through the garage and into the garage attic (where the mitigation fan is mounted), and eventually routed through the roof of the garage. An interior system also can muffle the noise of the fan, giving you not only peace of mind, but peace and quiet. Ideal for quiet neighborhoods and homeowners concerned with preserving home aesthetics.


Second Collection Point

Second Collection Point

Adding a second collection point to your radon mitigation system will increase the negative pressure field under the home and create a larger drawing area, which is particularly useful if the radon levels are very high or if a home sits on a clay bedding.