Safe Radon Levels

Indoor Radon Gas

Radon is everywhere around us, it is in the air we breath inside and outside, there is no way to completely get rid of radon gas however, you can reduce your indoor radon levels below the suggested safe levels. Radon is not harmful at very low levels making it extremely important to test your indoor radon levels inside your home or business. If, you do test your home or business for radon gas you can use our suggested safe radon levels provided below from the EPA - Environmental Protection Agency and the WHO - World Health Organization to determine if, you should address your indoor radon levels with the help of a radon mitigation professional.

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No matter what we feel it is important to provide as many resources as possible to the public to raise radon awareness and keep everyone safe from the dangers of radon gas.

Take Action Radon Levels

Below are the suggested take action radon levels

Enironmental Protection Agency - Radon Action Zone

Evironmental Protection Agency

pCi/L - Picocuries Per Liter

World Health Organization - Radon Action Zone

World Health Organization

pCi/L - Picocuries Per Liter

Radon Test Results