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Radon Gas Testing Supplies

The health risk of radon gas exposure among individuals indoors increases every year that you don't test your home or business for elevated levels of radon gas. Radon test kits or radon monitors are needed to determine your indoor radon levels so, that you can address those issues head on. After obtaining your indoor radon levels then it is imperative to contact a radon professional to help remedy any radon gas problems and assist you in determining your best methods to properly reduce your indoor radon levels to under the safe zones.

Professional radon test services can provide test kits, detectors, and analysis of any potential radon gas in your home or business and working with these professionals can ensures all radon issues are addressed before putting anyone’s health at risk.

Learn More about Radon Mitigation

Although radon gas exposure can be deadly, discovering a problem early is key to the safety of you and your loved ones. Radon mitigation services are available for residential, commercial, and real estate professionals. SWAT Environmental offers quotes on all radon mitigation services for you with a free no obligation phone call to get you set up.

Check Your Radon Test Results

If, you have already had your home tested and you have your testing kit number, check your test results here to find out your interior radon gas levels.

Radon Test Kit

Radon Test Kit

Air Check Radon Test Kit - $20.00

  • 3 to 7 Day Test Period
  • Includes instructions, Radon Test Kit, Prepaid Mailer, And Lab Analysis Fees
  • You Will Receive A Complete Written Report By Mail, Fax, Or Email
  • Same Day Analysis And Results Monday-Friday
  • Tests Analyzed On Saturday Will Be Reported The Next Business Day

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Home Radon Detector

Home Radon Detector

Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector - $149.00

  • Easy to Read Numeric Display
  • Short-Term Readings Show Last 7 Day Averages
  • Long-Term Readings Shows Averages From Last Reset Or Up To 5 Years
  • Audible Alarm Sounds For High Radon Readings
  • Samples Air Continuously
  • Conducts Fail Safe Self Test Every 24 Hours
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Radon Test Results