Summer Safety

Summer Safety

July 27th, 2017

Summertime: when the kids are out of school and the adults have barbecues. We know that summertime brings adventures and new experiences. With the new adventures comes the risk of injuries and danger. SWAT Environmental wants to inform you of all the threats of hazards that can arise in the summer months.

A big safety threat is the sun. Summer time has the best weather of the year and people love to be outside and bask in the warmth of the sun’s rays. So many people are also interested to see how tan they can get each summer. Tan lines are a badge of honor when returning to school; showing other classmates or coworkers that you have multiple summer adventures during the previous weeks. However, tanning and spending your days out in the sunlight can have a harmful effect on your skin. Sun damage and UV radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer in people at any age. The application of sunscreen to the body everyday will protect the skin even of the sunniest of days. You can still get a tan while wearing sunscreen, so why wouldn’t you apply?

Another health threat that stems from the warmer weather is heat stress. Heat stress can be caused by many things, such as exercising in extreme heat or just being in extreme heat for an extended period of time. Being properly hydrated is one of the ways to combat heat stress. Sometimes the lack of water in the body makes it harder to sweat, the body’s natural reaction to being warm so it can cool down. If the body doesn’t sweat easily, the heat gets trapped and causes the body to panic. We are urging everyone to drink their water daily. Not only is it good for your health, it might just save your life in the scalding sun.

One of the other risks that can occur during the warm summer months is Radon gas. According to a study done by Pennsylvania State University, levels of radon gas may be as much as 10 times higher in the summer than in the winter. Since Radon is found in the soil, the weather patterns and temperature play a part in how high the levels could be. The main testing season for this gas is in the winter, but with the conclusion of the study saying that levels can be higher in the summer, homeowners are encouraged to test year-round. Radon may also be a huge risk if temperatures get extremely high in the summer. If the summer sees unusually high temps, homeowners may be tempted to turn the air conditioning on, sealing the house from any outside influence. This would keep all the radon-infused air inside, contaminating the habitant’s lungs. With the environment always changing, temperatures fluctuate every day. Testing for Radon gas in the summer is just another way of ensuring the safety of the home.

Always make sure to acknowledge the possible dangers in every day, summer living and try to diminish them. Most threats lay in unknown areas. SWAT Environmental urges homeowners to pick up a test kit and test their homes for the possibility of high levels of radon gas. One test goes a long way in the continued safety and health of families nationwide. It is the invisible dangers that can hurt the most.

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