Radon Gas Testing For Homes

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late — Get Your Home Tested for Radon Gas Today

July 12th, 2017

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late — Get Your Home Tested for Radon Gas Today

Act now to rid your home of radon gas health risks.

When you're in the market for a home, your main priorities are affordability, livability, and most of all, safety. You wouldn't purchase a family home, no matter how perfect, in a high crime neighborhood, and you probably wouldn't want to move near a Superfund site. Therefore, don't overlook a critical hazard that could affect your family's health; be sure to have your home, or the home you're thinking of buying, tested for radon gas before it's too late.

Action is Your Best Prevention

As a cause of lung cancer in the U.S., radon gas is second only to cigarettes, according to Kansas State University's National Radon Program Services. Also, while the effects of tobacco on your health are hard to miss, you often won’t even be conscious of radon in your home until you test for it. Only after living with this colorless, odorless yet ever-present carcinogen over the long term do you develop symptoms of lung cancer. By that point, it may be too late for prevention.

Why Radon Causes Cancer

Radon is a radioactive gas, but you don't have to live near a nuclear reactor to have radon gas in your home. The gas is released from the natural decay of uranium in the rocks and soil. Trace levels of the gas are all around you, but when the amount of gas in the air or water exceeds the safety margin, it puts you at a higher risk for cancer. When you breathe in radioactive bits of radon, they get stuck in your lungs, emitting tiny bursts of radioactive energy that damages your lung tissue. Over time, this may develop into cancer.

How to Detect Radon in Your Home

Don't wait until someone in your family gets sick. It is easy to test for radon using one of several kits. Active radon test kits require a power source. Passive tests work without electricity. Short-term radon tests take two to three days while long-term testing require 90 days or more. You place the test kit in the lowest occupied area of your home. The types of testing kits available include:

  • Charcoal canister
  • Alpha track detector
  • Charcoal liquid scintillation detector
  • Electret ion chamber detector

What to Do About Dangerous Amounts of Radon

The EPA recommends you should take remedial action if the radon in your air exceeds four picocuries per liter. Several strategies are effective in getting rid of radon, but you need a professional to ensure that the work is done right, both to protect your family's health and your own peace of mind. At S.W.A.T. Environmental, we provide you with information you need to make a smart choice in radon mitigation services. Our technicians have helped more than 10,000 homeowners across the U.S. rid their homes of health-threatening radon gas. Contact us today.

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