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Radon is an element you can find on the periodic chart. In has the atomic number 86 and comes in gas form. Now, it is impossible to know if radon is present on your own, as it is colorless, odorless and tasteless. However, it is also dangerous in that it is the top cause of lung cancer for people who do not smoke, It is not an instant cause of cancer, but something that can affect people over an extended period of exposure. This is exactly why radon testing is so important and needs to be performed. Whether you live in a house or you want to test out your office space, radon mitigation is essential to ensuring everyone inside of the building or home is safe.

Radon is created after radioactive decay. Generally, this occurs after uranium and thorium begin to decay slowly into lead. Now, you probably don't have uranium sitting around your home, but it doesn't mean you do not have a byproduct from lead. There are many reasons older kinds of lead are not used in construction any longer, and this is one issue. Of course, if you are in an older building, the chances of radon levels being higher here does increase. In order to look into this sort of a problem you need to have the radon mitigation performed and your radon levels tested.

When performing a health screen, the radon gas is the top cause of someone's background radiation dose. So, radon reduction needs to be performed with the radon testing. Due to this, the radon abatement is that much more important in determining whether or not a radon system is present. After the radon test is performed, radon reduction can be implemented if necessary. Now, hopefully the radon mitigation determine radon abatement is not necessary as the radon gas is not present. However, should the radon mitigation determine the radon testing is present, you need the radon abatement to proceed.

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About La-Crosse, Wisconsin

Occupying a spot on the Mississippi River, La Crosse Wisconsin is a medium-sized city in western Wisconsin. La Crosse Wisconsin offers many things for people to see and do, so it is definitely worth a stop on any visit to the Upper Midwest. First, La Crosse Wisconsin is home to UW- La Crosse, one of the colleges in the University of Wisconsin system. The park-like campus features many notable buildings, the highlight of which is the Hoeschler Tower, a clock tower that is one of the most prominent buildings in town.

The geography of La Crosse Wisconsin is dominated by the river and the surrounding bluffs that the city is built on. The largest, and most famous, of the bluffs is Grandad Bluff. The bluff rises 590 feet above the city, and it provides a great view of the surrounding area and La Crosse Wisconsin. There is even a panoramic photo of La Crosse Wisconsin mounted for visitors and residents to spot local landmarks from the bluff.

Downtown La Crosse Wisconsin is another highlight for any visitor. Historic downtown La Crosse Wisconsin is a great spot to get a drink. 3rd street in downtown La Crosse is known for having the most bars on a single street in the entire United States. La Crosse Wisconsin has an Oktoberfest every fall, and it is widely considered one of the premier Oktoberfest festivals in the country.

Riverside Park is another place to stop on your visit to La Crosse Wisconsin. This park is located on the Mississippi River, and is home to two riverboats, the Mississippi Explorer and the La Crosse Queen. Both riverboats are available for educational or sight-seeing cruises on the Mississippi. Next to the park is the Riverside Museum, which allows visitors to see the both the history of the waterfront and of La Crosse as well.

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