Radon Mitigation Wilmington Vermont

Radon Mitigation Wilmington Vermont

Radon in Wilmington, Vermont

Testing for radon is neither difficult nor expensive. A simple test can be purchased at many hardware stores or possibly through the county health department. All it takes is a couple of days in your home, and results will be available for analysis. If dangerous levels of radon gas are found, a radon mitigation system can be installed to alleviate the problem.

Radon has been identified as a natural toxic gas in relatively recent times. People have not always been aware that it occurs naturally in the soil or in stony areas, and when it leaches into a home's foundation, radon gas can be lethal when it exceeds safe limits.

Radon testing can be conducted by the homeowner with a simple test available at most hardware stores. The lowest level of a home, like the basement or foundation slab, is closed off from circulating ventilation by closing windows and doors that access that area. Movement is restricted in the area to ensure that air flow remains stable. The radon test is placed in the center of the area and left for the amount of time designated in the test instructions. At the conclusion of the test period, the test reader or monitor will be shipped to the company for analysis. A readout of radon levels will be sent to the homeowner, along with explanations, guidelines, or recommendations for a repeat radon test, if warranted. A radon system may be needed for high levels.

If the radon testing report indicates unsafe levels of radon, a radon reduction plan is needed. It will be necessary to contact a radon mitigation specialist to discuss a radon reduction plan. Radon mitigation systems can reduce unsafe levels based on radon testing guidelines.

Radon mitigation experts can install radon abatement equipment if needed. Fortunately, radon abatement is becoming more common, and experts are widely available.

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Wilmington Vermont Radon Remediation

About Wilmington, Vermont

Wilmington Vermont is located in the southern part of the state inside of Windham County. The town was named in the year 1751 by the governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth. He named Wilmington Vermont after the First Earl of Wilmington, Spencer Compton, who was responsible for helping Wentworth get appointed governor of New Hampshire. About five years later the father and son, John and Richard Draper (who were famous Boston printers), tried renaming the town Draper after themselves. That didn’t set well with the people in Wilmington Vermont so the name remained the same.

Wilmington Vermont is known for Haystack Mountain Ski Area, they have a large alpine skiing area. Wilmington Vermont is also known for the amount of snow it receives. As a matter of fact winter activities in Wilmington Vermont are skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snow shoeing, and for snow mobiles. In the summer months you can enjoy activities by Lake Whitingham, which is the largest lake in Vermont. Summer or Warmer month activities include boating, picnicking, swimming, hiking, there are even several golf courses around Wilmington Vermont if you’re a golf lover.

Also in the Village of Wilmington Vermont is a shopper’s paradise. There are several specialty shops, restaurants, and art galleries found inside of historic buildings. The Haystack Mountains, in Wilmington Vermont, have beautiful scenic views.

In the year 2011, the town of Wilmington Vermont along with the rest of the state suffered the wrath of Tropical Storm Irene. It poured thirteen inches of rain within only 10 hours. The storm took out buildings and houses, destroying downtown businesses and people’s homes.

Vermont is a beautiful historic state, being the first states to become part of the United States, outside of the original thirteen founded colonies. It has a long history and a lot of things to do and see with the family.

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