Radon Mitigation Lander Wyoming

Radon Mitigation Lander Wyoming

Radon in Lander, Wyoming

What to do about radon

Radon gas can be a huge problem because you can't see it or smell it and long-term exposure has been proven to cause lung cancer. If you have radon in your home, you may need to install a radon mitigation system.

What is radon?

Radon gas is a radioactive gas that is produced naturally by uranium in soils. In many parts of the country, it seeps into homes through the ground and through cracks in foundation walls.

How much is too much?

The Environmental Protection Agency has set 4 picocuries per liter as the maximum level of radon that is acceptable in a home. The only way to know whether the radon in your home is above this level is to do radon testing.

How does radon testing work?

To do a radon test, a licensed contractor places a radon testing device in your home on the lowest level, such as a basement. The device has to be left there for 24 hours, during which time you need to keep windows and doors closed as much as possible and run your heat or air conditioning as little as possible.

Radon mitigation

In order to implement effective radon mitigation or radon abatement, or to know whether or not a radon system should be installed to monitor for radon levels in a home, the property owner may find this information essential. Radon usually does not occur at uniform rates even within the same very specific locale; in fact, it often fluctuates based on changing conditions. Even the radon levels in a single week sometimes can vary. Thus, property owners with concerns about this pressing environmental health issue may choose to seek rigorous monitoring measures.

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Lander Wyoming Radon Remediation

About Lander, Wyoming

Lander Wyoming is a small town located in central Wyoming, surrounded by numerous opportunities for relaxation and outdoor fun. Nestled in a valley along the middle fork of the Popo Agie River, Lander Wyoming is a beacon for those seeking a taste of cowboy culture and a traditional agricultural way of life. Conveniently located at the foot of the beautiful Wind River Mountain Range, Lander Wyoming is a heavenly playground for outdoor enthusiasts with its plethora of opportunities for hunting, camping, fishing, wilderness trips, climbing and mountaineering.

In mid-summer, people flock to Lander Wyoming’s popular Pioneer Days Parade and Rodeo for western events and tasty samples from local breweries. Events include Indian relay races, steer wrestling, roping, bareback, saddle bronc and bull riding, and a historic parade on July 4th of each year. In winter, Lander Wyoming hosts several unparalleled events catering to a variety of interests. The Wyoming State Winter Fair is reminiscent of an old-time county fair with its horse show, western events, trade show, vendors and entertainment. Lander Wyoming’s Annual One Shot Antelope Hunt is one of the most unique sporting events found anywhere in the world. Each year, thousands of amateur and expert big game hunters descend upon Lander Wyoming to participate in this hunt like no other and its accompanying festivities. Serious rock climbers from all over the world look forward to the International Climbers Festival held in Lander Wyoming each summer to enjoy wonderful music, local beer and athletic feats.

With its rich history of cattle ranching, gold mining, and the melding of Native American and immigrant culture, along with numerous museums, including the popular Museum of the American West, Lander Wyoming invites both the curious and the adventurous to take in the beauty and diversity of its beautiful valley location.

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