Radon Mitigation Charles-Town West-Virginia

Radon Mitigation Charles-Town West-Virginia

Radon in Charles Town, West Virginia

Radon gas, one of the noble gases located in group 8 of the periodic table, is formed indirectly from the decay of uranium and thorium. Radon 95 is one of the isotopes of radon. Because it is radioactive, radon 95 poses a health hazard, and is especially dangerous because it can't be seen, smelled, or tasted.

Radon mitigation is critical for reducing radon to safe levels in the air and water. Radon abatement can be accomplished with a radon system for treatment that can be purchased once the radon test is conducted and a needs assessment completed.

High radon concentrations can be found in some spring and hot spring water, as well as in some residues that are found in natural gas and petroleum. Radon gas can also be found in dangerous levels in the air in homes. This was first discovered by accident in 1985 when radon testing was done near a nuclear power plant. To date. It is common to find high radon levels in homes in every state.

Safe radon levels have been determined for air and water. There are several ways to conduct radon testing and kits are available commercially to see if radon in a home is at a safe level. Once levels are determined to be too high, radon mitigation must be implemented. Radon reduction in the air can occur with radon mitigation that involves ventilation. Radon reduction in water can occur with radon mitigation that involves removing the radon particles.

Radon testing and systems are very important. Today, there are many homes that should conduct a radon test and come up with a plan to meet EPA standards for safety. Radon abatement to safe levels is critical for homeowners and tenants.

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Charles-Town West-Virginia Radon Remediation

About Charles Town, West Virginia

Charles Town West Virginia is a small city located within Jefferson County. The town has plenty of rich history to explore and is home to just over 5,000 residents. Due to the extreme similarity in names, it is important to note that travelers from around the world have sometimes mistaken Charles Town West Virginia with the state’s capital, Charleston West Virginia.

Founded in 1786 by its sister state of Virginia, Charles Town West Virginia was named after George Washington's youngest brother, Charles Washington. That same year, Charles begin designing and building the streets of Charles Town West Virginia, one of which he named after his wife, Mildred, and the others after his brothers. Charles Washington also declared four particular corners to be the sites of public buildings of the county of Jefferson and the town. These four corner lots can be found today at the intersection of George and Washington Streets.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about the small town of Charles Town West Virginia is that it was the location of the execution and trial of John Brown. As one of the most famous abolitionists in U.S. history, John Brown took part in the widely known raid on Harpers Ferry. This raid was what prompted the Civil War. The courthouse located in Charles Town West Virginia is the scene where two out of the three treason trials were held.

Another interesting fact about Charles Town West Virginia is that the United States' fourth president, James Madison, married "Dolly Todd" in 1794 in Harewood, just on the outskirts of Charles Town.

From the Zion Episcopal Church, to the execution site of John Brown, to the Jefferson County Visitor Center, there are plenty of sites to see for any tourist visiting the historic town of Charles Town West Virginia.

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