Radon Mitigation Fairmont West-Virginia

Radon Mitigation Fairmont West-Virginia

Radon in Fairmont, West Virginia

Radon is naturally occurring radioactive gas that can be found almost everywhere. The decay of uranium in the soil causes the production of radon, which moves up through the soil and into the air.

As radon escapes into the air as radon gas it tends to build up in houses and other buildings until levels that are dangerous to humans are reached. The Radon Abatement Act was passed in 1988. Its aim was to regulate what are safe radon levels. It is easy to conduct radon testing for your home, there are two main methods this can be done.

The first is the short-term radon test. This is by placing a commercially available device in your home. This device is effective for up to three months, the readings may not be very accurate as radon levels fluctuate in different weather and seasons.

Long-term radon test is a better method of monitoring, as the test device remains in your home for a year and is able to give you an average of the levels of radon in your home. There are many methods to stop, as well as reduce the levels of radon gas in your home. The best way to cause radon reduction in your home is by using a qualified radon system installed in the basement of the home. This will create a radon reduction system. The object of this system will be to cause a reduction in the buildup of radon gas. This process is known as radon mitigation.

Radon does not only get into the air, it can also be found in water as well. By testing both air and water throughout the year and practicing radon mitigation, a radon system is created that will keep radon levels to a minimum as well as giving information on radon levels throughout the year.

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Fairmont West-Virginia Radon Remediation

About Fairmont, West Virginia

Will you be traveling to West Virginia this year? If you are, then make time for a stop in Fairmont West Virginia. Located about 20 minutes south of Morgantown and West Virginia University, Fairmont West Virginia is home to Fairmont State University, and is where the Tygart River and the West Fork River come together to form the mighty Monongahela River, which meets the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River.

Fairmont West Virginia is therefore in the heart of the beautiful Tygart River valley. Valley Falls State Park is located nearby to the east, and closer to town is Pricketts Fort State Park. This park is the site of a historic fort built to defend early settlers from attacks by Native Americans. This state park also has a reconstructed for that shows what life would have been like on the early Virginia frontier. If you're not into history, don't worry; Fairmont West Virginia also has other things for you to do. The aforementioned Valley Falls State Park has great kayaking available, and it features a set of waterfalls that is over a half-mile long. If you get hungry while playing about the natural wonders of Fairmont West Virginia, then you need to stop by the Country Club Bakery, which is home of the Original Pepperoni Roll.

If you love music, the Johnnie Johnson Blues and Jazz Festival is held every summer. Call for more information about the festival or stop by. While you're in Fairmont West Virginia, take time to tour the historic downtown, and see why it was named as the 500th Preserve America Community. This designation allowed Fairmont West Virginia to access grant funding towards preserving the downtown area. Fairmont West Virginia's High School is also on the National Register of Historic Places. So drop on by Fairmont West Virginia this summer for family fun!

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