Radon Mitigation Somerset New Jersey

Radon Mitigation Somerset New Jersey

Radon in Somerset, New Jersey

When purchasing a new home or office building you will want to do a series of Radon Testing to check the radon levels to see if your new location is safe. There is a Radon Test for the air and the water. You can perform the Radon Test for the air yourself, a short term test will last about 90 days. You should perform this test two times. The water test, you must take a sample of your water and send it to a lab to see if there is radon in the water. If the levels of radon are too high, you will need to take measures to perform Radon Reduction.

The soil beneath the structure is ideally where radon comes from. Radon can enter the air through gaps in boards of a structure or cracks in the concrete. Radon can also enter around pipes and several other areas. Radon will result in death if you are exposed to it too much for too long, it causes cancer. If Radon Mitigation is not performed, the levels of Radon Gas will most likely continue to increase.

If a structure contains radon it becomes trapped and continues to grow. Often times, allowing air to ventilate will help decrease the radon level in your home. If that is not enough to decrease the levels of radon, then Radon Abatement will be necessary. There is a Radon System that is made to go under the structure to help remove most of the radon. This is usually like a vacuum system to suck out large amounts of radon that has become trapped. This unit is very quiet and will help bring down the levels of radon substantially. The best amount of radon is none, but this is not likely, so 2-4 units is acceptable. Anything over 4 is considered dangerous and unacceptable.

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Somerset New Jersey Radon Remediation

About Somerset, New Jersey

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