Radon Mitigation Freehold New Jersey

Radon Mitigation Freehold New Jersey

Radon in Freehold, New Jersey

You’ve been working out, eating healthier and getting plenty of rest. You don’t smoke; yet your doctor diagnoses you with lung cancer. Is it possible for a non-smoker to have lung cancer? The cause could be extremely high levels of radon gas.

Radon gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless and naturally occurs as a decay product of uranium. Radon is nine times denser than air giving it the ability to penetrate paper, leather, low-density plastic, concrete block, mortar and most insulation. The style of your home will decide the most suitable radon mitigation method.

You might think you don’t need a radon test; think again. You can go through years of exposure before problems surface and radon mitigation is needed. Six percent of homes have an average concentration and elevated radon levels have been found in every state. The only way to find out where you stand is with a radon test. Starting a radon abatement process is simple. It should be noted that any radon mitigation process you take should be EPA approved.

There are two kinds of radon testing, short term and long term, and they both are effective with radon reduction. With short term radon testing, devices stay in your home for a couple of days and get a quick reading of your home’s levels. With long term radon testing, devices are left in the home for continuous day-to-day readings as it can fluctuate. Both work in radon reduction so choose the best test method for you.

If you’re not sure where you home stands, radon testing is easy to do. Radon mitigation kits can be purchased or a radon abatement specialist can do it for you. The sooner you get a radon system up and running in your home, the better.

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Freehold New Jersey Radon Remediation

About Freehold, New Jersey

New Jersey is known as the Garden State, and is home to many a Revolutionary War battle . The historic town of Freehold New Jersey is one such town. There, you will find pick-your-own fruit farms, historical sites, as well as an indoor amusement park that will remind you of a seaside boardwalk.

Fresh Fruit and Delicacies

The Battlefield Orchard Country Store, in Freehold New Jersey, invites you to come and enjoy their locally grown fresh fruits, and home-made delicacies, from their orchard. In the fall, pumpkins and apples are available for you and the family to pick. The country store supplies fresh squeezed apple cider, warm donuts, and home-made apple pies for purchase.

A Rich History

Freehold New Jersey, once known as Monmouth Courthouse (1715 -1801), was home to a great battle on June 28, 1778. George Washington, and his troops, attacked the British troops here when they were fleeing from Philadelphia to regroup back in New York. Today, you can visit this site and enjoy a quiet picnic, walk the trails, or go horseback riding in Freehold New Jersey.

The Freehold Raceway in Freehold New Jersey is a unique part of New Jersey History. In 1853, the horse races began and you are still able to enjoy the harness races at Freehold New Jersey each day of the week, day or night.

A Mix of Victorian and Modern

The village of Freehold New Jersey houses Victorian homes, along with the modern, to provide a diverse environment. If you are looking for entertainment in Freehold New Jersey, visit the IPlay amusement center. This fun for all ages amusement center is located in a Victorian building large enough to house a laser tag center built on two levels, a speed way for go carts, as well as various games you would find on a seaside boardwalk arcade. Food, beverages, and old fashion candies are available for purchase.

Other Freehold, New Jersey Radon Resources

You may find that some of this information may be helpful for you to browse through. There is information about the city as well as radon information from around your area.

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