Radon Mitigation Salem Oregon

Radon Mitigation Salem Oregon

Radon in Salem, Oregon

Your home is supposed to be a place you and your family do not have to worry about the lingering dangers of the outside world. There areseveral dangers in your home to watch for. It is normal to lock up the chemicals and medications when there are children in the home, but it is also required that you run several tests throughout the time you reside in your home and before you purchase your home. The state required the previous owner to test for lead based paint and radon testing.

Radon gas is caused from the decay of uranium in the soil. When the levels are too high, they are the direct cause of lung cancer and brain cancer. If you suspect the radon levels may be making your family sick, many companies perform radon mitigation. Radon mitigation is a series of radon testing the measure the levels. If the radon test show the levels are at a dangerous high, the company performing the radon mitigation will install a system called radon abatement to aid in the process of radon reduction. Radon abatement is a proven radon system to aid in radon reduction.

If you suspect high levels of radon or want to sell your home, radon mitigation is a form of radon testing that will detect the level of radon gas. This radon test will give you peace of mind that you and your family are truly safe from all harm while under the roof of your home. If you are selling the home, the company that perform the tests will give you a certificate showing your home is up to state mandated guidelines.

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Salem Oregon Radon Remediation

About Salem, Oregon

Located in the beautiful Willamette Valley along the crystal clear Willamette River, Salem Oregon is the state’s capital city as well as the seat of Marion County. Salem Oregon is one of the oldest cities in America featuring many homes built in the 1800s which are still standing today. Some of them are historic sites like the Historic Gentle House which is now a museum, architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gordon House and Historic Deepwood Estate which was named one of the best historic homes in the West by Sunset Magazine.

Salem Oregon is also a fantastic place for nature lovers. Silver Falls State Park is home to a dazzling 177 foot waterfall and is part of the Trail of Ten Falls hiking trail. Willamette Mission State Park is another natural jewel of Salem Oregon as the site of the first Native American mission in the west. The park was founded in 1834 by Reverend Jason Lee and is also home to America’s largest Black Cottonwood, a tree that has stood for over 250 years. Salem Oregon is renowned both nationally and globally for its incredible natural beauty.

For a wonderful time the whole family can enjoy, Salem Oregon is the perfect place to visit. Schreiner's Iris Gardens is an excellent place to take the family when the irises are in bloom. You are even welcome to take some home with you. For the little ones of Salem Oregon the Riverfront Carousel is always a huge hit with animals of all kinds for the children to ride on. Delve into the spookier side of Salem Oregon at the Enchanted Forest Theme Park, which features various rides, a haunted house, an outdoor comedy theater and more. No matter how old you are Salem Oregon has something for everyone. Come and experience the rich history and nature of Salem Oregon.

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