Radon Mitigation Greensboro North Carolina

Radon Mitigation Greensboro North Carolina

Radon and How to Avoid It

Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas that is made by the natural breakdown of uranium. It can sneak into any building from cracks in the floor, construction joints, walls, around service pipes and the water supply. The CDC estimated in 2003 that it caused 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year.

With those kind of numbers, radon mitigation becomes a necessity. The first thing you will need to do is perform a radon test. Even in radon gas-resistant homes, you should perform a radon test. There are 2 types of radon testing. You can have short-term radon testing, which will involve a device such as a continuous monitor running for 2 to 90 days while you keep the windows closed and avoid running fans. If your monitor gives you a reading of 4 pCi/L or higher, you're in need of radon abatement. To double check, you can do a long-term test, which will use an alpha track or electrets detector to monitor radon levels for 90 days or longer.

Once you are done with radon testing, it is time for radon mitigation. There are several methods of radon reduction. One way is the soil suction radon reduction system. This uses fans and pipes to suck radon gas out of your house and vent it outside. Whichever radon system you use, your radon mitigation attempts will be more efficient if you seal up cracks in your house.

Radon mitigation takes a great deal of expertise. You can check your state's local radon office for a list of certified experts in the field. They can help you perform your testing and set up your radon abatement system. Since both the Surgeon General and the CDC say that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, contacting them today can leave you feeling a whole lot healthier.

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Greensboro North Carolina Radon Remediation

About Greensboro, North Carolina

The city of Greensboro North Carolina is the third largest city by population in the state of North Carolina. True to its name Greensboro North Carolina has large green trees densely scattered throughout the city. A town rich in history Greensboro North Carolina played a large role in the final weeks of the Civil War. This city has several museums dedicated to the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement. The International Civil Rights Center and Museum is a must see, this museum is the pride of the citizens of Greensboro North Carolina.

Greensboro North Carolina is known for its beautiful gardens and arboretums. There are several gardens scattered throughout the city. The Bog Garden, which features a living wet land ecosystem, is a favorite spot amongst the tourist. The Greensboro Arboretum is a 17 acre botanical garden that has special display gardens and plant collections. If you are visiting Greensboro North Carolina you won't want to miss this beautiful arboretum.

If you are looking for family fun in the sun the Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe water park is always a hit with the kids. Greensboro Children's Museum with its interactive displays is a great educational trip. Greensboro North Carolina has so many attractions be sure to plan at least a few days for your visit. Plan your activities so you can get the most of your time spent here.

Greensboro North Carolina is home to many prestigious colleges which has a huge impact on their economy. Being a college town they boast a booming night life. If you just want to lounge in a quaint Irish Pub or go dancing there is a place for you. If its music you want there are country music pubs. For a unique experience a visit to the Europa Bar Cafe is a must. The Old World Charm, decor and unique European Menu make this a special little spot to spend some down time.

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