Radon Mitigation Minneapolis Minnesota

Radon Mitigation Minneapolis Minnesota

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Radon is a gas that is produced by the radioactive decay of both Uranium and Thorium, elements that are found in rock and soil throughout most of the world. All Radon is radioactive and quickly decays into a series of other radioactive elements, eventually becoming stable, non-radioactive lead. Radon gas and its radioactive daughters present a genuine health hazard, prompting the need for Radon mitigation or Radon reduction procedures. Many states and municipalities have Radon mitigation laws and regulations. Radon testing in order to determine Radon levels should be a routine procedure when purchasing any house, especially an older house. Although many areas of the U.S. are known to have low levels of Radon, local hot-spots do exist.

Radon testing can be done with easily available Radon test kits, which must be sent to a lab for analysis, or the services of a professional may be employed. A single Radon test that gives a high result (over 10 pCi/L) requires another immediate short-term test so that any needed Radon abatement procedures may be pursued as soon as possible. Between 4 and 10 pCi/L warrants a long-term Radon testing, since transient weather conditions can cause fluctuations in tested Radon levels.

The type of Radon system you choose to achieve Radon abatement for your home will depend on the design of your home and the degree of contamination. Radon gas comes from the soil and may also come from well water. If your well water contains high levels of Radon, consider a storage tank that allows for aeration. Houses that have a crawl space basically require ventilation of the crawl space. Usually the ground is covered with a plastic sheet and an air pump is used to remove the Radon collected under it.

Some systems of radon mitigation, particularly in slab or basement homes, may result in high humidity that may cause the growth of mold, which carries its own health risks. Be certain that anyone who performs Radon mitigation or Radon reduction services in your home is aware of humidity requirements.

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Minneapolis Minnesota Radon Remediation

About Minneapolis

One of the cities in the Upper Midwest that is worth visiting is Minneapolis Minnesota. This is the city that has a great deal to offer both residents and visitors to the city. Minneapolis Minnesota is often referred to as one of the twin cities, as it is located next to the adjoining city of St. Paul Minnesota. Those who choose to live in Minneapolis will find it is a city that is easy to navigate and to travel from place to place even in the winter, as it has some underground tunnels. Minneapolis Minnesota has a claim to fame as a city that was set up to be the primary conduit between Chicago and Seattle.

Minneapolis proper has approximately 400,700 residents but when combined with St. Paul the Metro area is up to 4.8 million residents. Minneapolis Minnesota boasts some major sports stadiums as well as some of the best summer weather in the nation. Minneapolis Minnesota also is home to a number of museums.

Minneapolis and the twin city of St. Paul spans both shores of the Mississippi River. This is the reason the area is called the Twin Cities. Those who choose to travel to Minneapolis Minnesota will find a cosmopolitan city that is located in the upper Midwest. It is one of the things you will find when you choose to enjoy this city. Minneapolis Minnesota has natural areas like lakes, waterfalls in the city, and one of the largest malls in the World the Mall of America located nearby.

Minneapolis Minnesota is also home to major sports franchises. Both a football team and major league baseball team make their home in Minneapolis Minnesota. An interesting fact of note about Minneapolis Minnesota is that a number of fortune 500 companies call this area home.

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