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Radon gas is colorless, odorless, and tastless making it undetectible by humans. It forms from the decay and breakdown of uranium in the soil and is released in the soil from under your homes foundation. Sources for radon gas include uranium, igneous rock or soil and in some instances well or ground water. Radon levels are estimated to effect 20 percent of US homes, but significantly more concentrated underground. Moreover, radon accounts for the second leading cause of lung cancer in North America contributing to nearly 20,000 deaths annually. Further, associated healthcare cost run close to $2 billion annually, suggesting a need for effective radon reduction measures and radon awareness across the country.

Radon testing is recommended by the US EPA if home levels are found to be, or surpass 4.0 pCi/L. Radon testing can be performed either short-term, or long-term with commercial devices or in home test kits that can be obtained locally or online. Radon testing should be repeated if initial radon testing indicates radon elevation even after you have had your home mitigated and radon levels we're essentially decreased. Radon can continue to increase in production and the only way to make sure your levels don't increase over time is to test or to monitor your indoor radon levels.

Radon mitigation can be done professionally by qualified and/or licensed services across country. You can purchase do-it-yourself radon test kits or even manuals for testing information from qualified specialists in radon testing. The National Environmental Health Association is cited to provide a radon proficiency training program to help train individuals in radon abatement and radon testing to help with the growing concern of radon gas. Individuals who participate therein demonstrate competency to conduct radon testing and subsequent radon reduction through certified radon mitigation techniques. Depending on where a radon test has shown high elevation, radon mitigation tactics differ. Radon abatement can be accomplished somewhat by caulking cracks or occasionally painting the exterior/interior of the home. Research shows that radon can easily penetrate low-density plastic, leather, paper, concrete block, sheet-rock and is in most insulation. Radon abatement is the best way to combat radon gas levels indoor and will help keep you and your family safe from the dangers of radon gas and radon exposure.

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Glenwood, Washington Radon Remediation

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