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Radon in Chantilly, Virginia

Radon gas has no safe levels. EPA, however, recommends that any radon levels of 4.0 pCi/L and above should be corrected. Such levels of radon gas can cause health complications including lung cancer. Prevention is better than a cure. Installation of radon reduction and radon abatement measures help in ensuring we are safe from radon gas. Such radon abatement measures can include setting up radon mitigation systems equipped with radon fans. The fan prevents the radon from getting into your homes by helping ventilate your home and reducing radon levels.

Radon testing is easy and very cheap you can use obtain a local radon test like a charcoal test or a long alpha tracking test to check the levels of radon in a long term setting. Equally, you can decide to get professional radon testing that includes the use a continuous electronic monitoring or with the use of long term of short term radon testing kits, either way is effective. EPA recommends that the radon testing be done at least twice a year and in some circumstances more depending on radon mitigation set up or levels of indoor radon. Effective radon systems ensure that the radon does not reach a critical level. Qualified professionals can assist you in installing the best radon system to address your indoor radon issues.

If a radon test reveals a high concentration of radon gas, immediate radon mitigation measures must be undertaken. Radon mitigation measures can consist of a complete home installation of a radon mitigation system or other equipment like a water radon mitigation system. Call a professional radon contractor to advise you on the best radon mitigation measures that you can choose from. Comparing to the cost of treating yourself and family from radon-caused diseases; radon mitigation measures are so inexpensive. They will ensure you are protected for a very long period evading hospital bills for respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

Since radon can also infiltrate through radon via water, a water radon system could help protect your family from radon as well, either at the point of use or at the point of entry into our homes. Ingesting radon for long periods can cause health issues as well, however the gas can enter your home through water access points which can in turn aid in raising your indoor radon levels. Radon is dangerous and protecting your family from the dangers of radon gas should be addressed without delay.

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Chantilly, Virginia Radon Remediation

About Chantilly, Virginia

Chantilly Virginia is a community located in Fairfax County in the northern part of the state. Chantilly, an unincorporated region and census-designated place, has a population of over 23,000 residents as of the 2010 Census. Chantilly Virginia is located only 25 miles from Washington, D.C. and is considered part of the Washington, D.C. metro area. Many Chantilly residents work in government, military or private businesses centered around the nation’s capital. Chantilly Virginia is also located in close proximity to the Virginian cities of Reston, Fairfax and Herndon.

The name Chantilly is of French origin and Chantilly Virginia received its name from a 19th century farm and mansion which was once a plantation located in the state. The community was also once home to several other plantations including the Sully Plantation, now a historic site originally built in the late 1700s by North Virginia’s first Representative to Congress. Only one building from the Chantilly Plantation remains in the community, as a fire during the American Civil War destroyed the main residence. The Battle of Chantilly, the final battle in Northern Virginia, also occurred during the Civil War in Chantilly Virginia. A small five-acre park remains to mark where part of the battlefield once existed.

Chantilly Virginia offers a variety of attractions and activities including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, the companion museum to the National Air and Space Museum. Ticonderoga Farm, located in Chantilly Virginia is home to the 2011 Red Ribbon Award winning honey and popular Virginia fall festival.

Headquarters for the American Registry for Internet Numbers and the National Reconnaissance Office, one of the U.S. intelligence agencies, are located in Chantilly Virginia. Dulles International Airport is also located in the community and is a popular airport for residents and tourists alike.

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