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Radon in Woodbridge, Virginia

Radon can be described as a chemical element whose symbol is Rn. This gas is odorless, colorless, tasteless and naturally occurring as decay product of radium. Since radon gas can cause cancer, it is important that radon mitigation be taken seriously. Radon mitigation comprises of any procedure that is used in radon reduction in the breathing areas of buildings that have been occupied. Radon mitigation aims at reducing the radon gas concentrations in occupied buildings.

Radon testing is the only sure way to ascertain radon levels in an individual's home. Since there are no immediate signs that will signal one the presence of radon gas, radon abatement is critical and can be done using a radon system that usually ascertains radon levels in a particular region. Radon mitigations can be achieved in the air via ventilation. In addition, the US Surgeon General and American Medical Association recommend radon test for homes because it is only through radon testing that an individual can ascertain the radon levels in their homes. There are no immediate signs that can notify one the presence of radon and it actually takes years of severe exposure before the surfacing of any problem.

The first step in radon mitigation involves first and foremost conducting indoor air or domestic water radon levels. It is important to note that according to the Surgeon General's Office, indoor radon gases is a grave issue in America that only can be tackled by a personalized action. Unless individuals become fully aware of the radon gas dangers, they will not act swiftly to avert adverse health effects. Luckily, the solution to this issue is straightforward and like smoking related hazards, the health risk of radon can be effectively reduced.

Radon takes over 50 percent of our entire average yearly exposure to radiation, which ranges from 200 to 360 millirem annually. For those with homes having high radon concentrations; there are numerous techniques to minimize it to satisfactory levels.

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Woodbridge, Virginia Radon Remediation

About Woodbridge, Virginia

Woodbridge Virginia is a city located in the county of Prince William in northern Virginia. Woodbridge Virginia is surrounded by two rivers, the Occoquan and the Potomac, which makes it an attractive place to visit and live. With its proximity to Washington DC, many people choose to live in Woodbridge Virginia and commute into Washington DC for work.

One main attraction of Woodbridge is Potomac Mills. Some of the most popular stores here are Off Saks, Nordstrom Rack, Marshals, Home Goods, and Burlington Coat Factory. Potomac Mills is a mall that is a series of outlet stores, also containing a movie theater and several restaurants. Having been around for three decades, and being one of the largest outlet malls in the country, Potomac Mills is always a popular place to visit.

Prince William County Public Schools are highly rated, so oftentimes families will reside in Woodbridge Virginia to raise their children. Interstate 95 runs directly next to Woodbridge Virginia, so there is easy access both to and from the city for residents and visitors.

Woodbridge Virginia has many recreations to offer the residents. People flock to the National Wildlife Refuge in Occoquan Bay, as it is a nature lover's dream, consisting of natural habitat of plants and animals. Woodbridge Virginia also has state parks for people to use at their leisure. Two parks that are directly on the Potomac River are Veteran’s Park as well as Leesylvania Park. Here, people are able to swim, boat, picnic and hike.

For additional fun, Woodbridge Virginia hosts the soccer club of the Northern Virginia Royals. Woodbridge is also home to a minor league baseball club, the Potomac Nationals.

Woodbridge Virginia is a popular place to both live and visit. With many activities to do there, as well as long term benefits like great schools, it is a city that will continue to grow.

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