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Radon in Poultney, Vermont

Most people have no idea what radon testing is, or have any clue as to the importance of radon mitigation and what high radon levels can do to the health of individuals who are living in a house that is affected by elevated radon. Radon gas is something that should be checked regularly, as a radon system is truly the only thing that is going to let you know if you need to either do some radon mitigation yourself, or call out a company to your home to get radon abatement done.

Radon abatement, or radon mitigation is essentially removing the radon problem, which is a fairly easy process, but it is important to be aware of the fact that this is a problem that can affect any house, at any time. Because of this risk, doing a radon test regularly to check the levels, and then following up with any radon reduction that you might need to attend to, will put your family in a good position to not be affected by radon gas. A radon reduction is something that is necessary in a massive amount of homes today, but few people have any idea that radon mitigation is something that needs to happen to their homes.

The best thing about radon testing is the fact that conducting a radon test is extremely easy. A radon tester is basically like a smoke detector, which checks the various levels in your home and will be able to tell you in a matter of minutes whether you need to get the levels down or not. There is no question that radon testing is extremely important, as it can save your family from a lot of health problems down the road, due to radon exposure, so get your levels checked and do it regularly.

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Poultney, Vermont Radon Remediation

About Poultney, Vermont

Poultney Vermont resides in the Lakes Region of Rutland County, on the boarder of New York and Vermont. Poultney Vermont has a population of 3,421 according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Popular cities nearby include Saratoga Springs and Albany.

Poultney Vermont, is home to five churches of multiple denominations, many of which were erected in the 1800’s.

Poultney Vermont has a grade school and its own High School, in addition to being the home of Green Mountain College. Green Mountain College, previously known as the Troy Conference Academy, circa 1834, has a curriculum which is focused primarily on environment liberal arts. The school has become a leader in on-campus sustainability education.

For tourists interested in visiting Poultney Vermont, there are three Bed and Breakfasts; The Bentley House, The Holly Inn, and lastly the Birdhouse Bed and Breakfast. With a bevy of local restaurants to satisfy every meal’s cravings, Poultney Vermont also has a national chain, Dunkin Donuts, if you have the need for familiarity.

Throughout the year, Poultney Vermont, has many different seasonal festivities. The Welsh Harvest Festival at Green Mountain College in October and the Farmer’s Market Christmas Fair in November (held in the High School Gym) are a few of the upcoming events being held this year in Poultney Vermont.

When you visit Poultney Vermont, don’t miss the Whaleback Winery. With a house build in the 1800’s, the Whaleback Winery does free tastings. With a beautiful view of both mountains and vineyard, this is a stop you don’t want to skip. Every season is beautiful – each different in its own way.

For nightlife, Taps Tavern in Poultney Vermont, is the place to go. Taps Tavern boasts 14 different beer selections on tap and their kitchen gets great reviews.

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