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People often spend a lot of time worrying about second hand smoke. And of course this is in large part due to the concern over lung cancer and other health issues related due to radon exposure. But, imagine if there was a type of second hand smoke that had almost as much chance of causing lung cancer and instead it was odorless, invisible, and capable of appearing in any home without notice. That gas is called radon, and it can appear in anyone's home. Thankfully it's treatable through something known as radon mitigation. The first step in radon mitigation is to have radon testing done in one's home. Radon testing is an important part of radon mitigation for some very important reasons. First is to detect the problem, of course. But radon testing also will help determine the extent of the radon problem and how to address your radon mitigation needs.

Radon gas usually comes from soil, but this soil can also leak into water. This means that radon gas can enter through anything from a crack in the basement floor to steam from a showerhead. This is why a radon test will show where to start your radon reduction. Radon testing can also show exactly where the gas is entering your home. Radon reduction measures can then be administered in the home helping reduce the indoor radon levels to acceptable levels.

Radon abatement will focus on reducing the influx of radon gas. This is usually as simple as sealing up cracks in walls and floors or can be as in depth as installing multiple radon collection points under your home. No matter what if you have a radon problem, then radon levels need to be lowered. This is usually done by measuring the levels, then setting up a vacuum system to draw out radon gas from under your home. A new radon system will usually be set up as well to alert the building's owner of any further radon risks.

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