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Charlestown, Rhode Island Radon Mitigation

Radon in Charlestown, Rhode Island

Radon gas exposure can cause many lung cancer cases in the United States. Radon gas also has been shown to cause stomach cancer when ingested through water. Radon gets into the water through the soil and is a serious health risk. Radon levels should be monitored through appropriate radon testing or with radon monitors. Radon testing should frequently be done, preferably at least twice a year. The levels should be below 4.0 pCi/L established by the EPA. The radon tests can be done by a professional or simply through purchasing a test kit yourself. Simple kits are available in local hardware stores, local government agencies, and online. Radon testing is easy and very affordable and will give you the best recommendations, for the best radon mitigation techniques to be put in place.

Radon abatement measures will help radon reduction in your home. Radon abatement techniques should be set up by contacting a qualified radon professional who will be able to assess your situation properly and give you the best options for your needs. It is crucial to ensure the proper radon gas reduction is set up so that your home radon levels are effectively reduced. The standard radon mitigation options include sub slab depressurization systems, proper ventilation rooms, and sealing foundation issues. Such radon mitigation measures ensure long-term radon reduction levels in your home by reducing your indoor radon levels. This goes a long way in keeping the homes safe and healthy for you and your family.

EPA standards ensure that reduction is effective, and the levels are kept below the EPA standard of 4.0 pCi/L or lower. Radon mitigation can cost as much as a standard home improvement or home renovation, but in the end will keep you and your family safe from the dangers of radon gas.

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Charlestown, Rhode Island Radon Remediation

About Charlestown, Rhode Island

Charlestown Rhode Island is named after King Charles the second and was incorporated in 1738. Charlestown Rhode Island has a total area of 59.3 square miles of which 36.8 of it is land and 22.5 square miles of it (37.86%) is water. As of the year 2000, there has been recorded a total of 7,859 people, 3,178 houses, and 2,278 family residents.

A popular place in Charlestown Rhode Island, is Ninigret Park. It's known for its recreational sports games. It also includes, a bike track, a small beachfront, sports fields, and tennis courts.

Charlestown Rhode Island has many sandy beaches. They are often described as "the best kept secret in Rhode Island." Some of these beaches include Blue Shutters Town Beach and Charlestown Town Beach. Others are state managed areas including East Beach State Beach and Charlestown Breachway State Beach. The Charlestown Rhode Island beaches are great places to adventure; many memories are guaranteed.

One of the best campgrounds in Charlestown Rhode Island is the Burlingame State Park. The campground is 3,100 acres of beautiful rocky woodland that surrounds a quaint pond in Charlestown. This campground has 755 campsites and includes fishing, swimming, picnicking, boating, and hiking; overall the Charlestown Rhode Island Burlingame State Park is a great place to relax and explore.

Every year on the first week of August, Charlestown Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce holds an annual seafood and lobster festival. Vendors are set up through the town with different seafood to sample as well as little shops. The Seafood Festival has been named one of the op 100 events in America.

Other town attractions include, Fort Ninigret, Foster Cove Archaeological Site, Indian Burial Ground, Historical Village of the Narragansett's, and Joseph Jeffrey House; these are just to name a few. Charlestown Rhode Island is a beautiful place to visit! There are so many things to do and sights to see!

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