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Radon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation

Our bodies are greatly affected by the day to day interactions with other chemicals and gasses. However many of us are not familiar with the very real dangers of radon gas or how common it is in the United States for homes to have elevated levels of the dangerous gas.

Radon gas occurs as a result of the decomposition of uranium in the soil under and around your home. Hence you can expect to find its presence everywhere due to it naturally occuring in soil and being released in to the air. It has been found in the presence of igneous rocks which are rocks formed by volcanic activity. It has its' place on the periodic table as noble gas 89. The gas itself is also radioactive and since it may be inhaled it has been linked to many cases of lung cancer since its correlation was inevitably discovered in the 1960's. According to the American Lung Cancer Society, even phosphate fertilizers can contain radon which can also decay into radioactive radon gas.

Also of note, there's a great danger to many of us who live in conventional homes that contain granite counters (derived from igneous rock) as well as other materials that are mined out of the soil like drywall which contains gypsum or concrete which consists of powdered rock and adhesives.

Almost every country has Radon Abatement Programs which are responsible for the development of radon testing standards and work towards the goal of radon reduction. Many local universities are affiliated with these radon reduction programs and can be contacted for questions or even to receive a radon test kits or radon mitigation advice.

While there are no kits available that give you answers instantly. There are many reliable and inexpensive kits which allow you to send samples that can be tested at a lab for concentration levels of radon. Further information on tests are available through the official EPA websites as well as resources to other informative links and EPA publications such as this website.

Please don't hesitate to test your home for radon gas and find out if you are in need of assistance from a qualified radon mitigation professional. Your health as well as your families health may be at risk from over exposure to the dangerous gas.

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About Lancaster, Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation

Lancaster Pennsylvania was named by John Wright after the city of the same name in England. The symbol of the English city Lancaster is a red rose, and because of its namesake Lancaster Pennsylvania added the red rose to the city's flag. It's also nicknamed the red rose city. Lancaster's main tourist destinations lie in the historic context of the area, art, the Dutch and Amish surrounding countryside, and with many antique and vintage shops.

There are a few museums in Lancaster that are completely dedicated to the history of the area. There is the Rock Ford Plantation Museum which was the home of General Edward Hand who fought alongside President Washington during the Revolutionary War. The home was built in 1794 and is completely set up to be an authentic time capsule as to what plantations looked like in the 18th Century. Another colonial life museum is set up in the oldest building in Lancaster Pennsylvania County. Built in 1719 the Hans Herr House and Museum gives visitors the ability to enter the last building of the earliest settlers of the Lancaster Pennsylvania area to see what colonial life was all about. Lancaster Pennsylvania also has twenty-five covered bridges with five different tours set up for tourists or covered bridge enthusiasts.

Lancaster Pennsylvania has a thriving current and historic art culture. Demuth Museum in Pennsylvania gives people the chance to see fifty paintings of Charles Demuth and to see his artist studio. Gallery Row in downtown Lancaster has many contemporary artists and their galleries with beautiful art. The Pennsylvania College of Art and Design is also located in Lancaster Pennsylvania and has many new artistic talent emerging every year with a school gallery that is open for public viewing.

The Dutch and Amish communities nearby Lancaster Pennsylvania in the surrounding county have events, goods they sell like quilts and other homemade items, and an American Military Edged Weaponry Museum. Besides the Amish and Dutch goods and the artwork available to buy on Gallery Row, people can also shop at a number of antique shops and at the Lancaster Mall which has many popular retailers within it.

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