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York, Pennsylvania Radon Mitigation

Radon in York, Pennsylvania

Radon gas is a dangerous gas and long-term exposure to radon can cause health issues including forms of cancer. The radioactive gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless meaning you cannot detect it when it in your house. This is why it is important to perform radon testing in your home. Testing detects high levels early enough and your indoor levels can be reduced through effective radon mitigation measures. Radon levels of 4.0pCi/L and above exceed the recommended indoor level established by the EPA and should be addressed by a radon mitigation professional. Some people opt to use less expensive measures to reduce radon levels, however this may only take away the problem temporarily, which may end up costing more in the long run or may only increase your problems.

Radon abatement measures should be put into place to reduce the radon levels. Radon originates from the decomposition of uranium underground. Radon abatement measures like proper ventilation, sub slab depressurization and sealing radon entry points contribute to reducing the levels of the radon inside. Keeping your homes indoor radon levels low can keep your family safe and free from any health effects caused by radon exposure.

It is suggested that radon testing be done twice every year to make sure that your radon levels are kept under control. The tests should also be done on closed water systems to ensure that the waters are not polluted with radon as well. Radon polluted water can cause stomach cancer or other related health issues. In case a house is affected by radon gas, after radon removal, more permanent radon mitigation measures may be needed to properly remediate the radon from your indoor air or water supply. Houses prone to radon pollution should completely may need more extensive measures to address higher levels of radon. Though expensive, such measures ensure total radon reduction and safety of you and your family. Installing cheap radon mitigation measures is ineffective and still renders your house unsafe. Radon systems and radon testing should be EPA certified to make sure you are effectively addressing any radon issues.

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York, Pennsylvania Radon Remediation

About York, Pennsylvania

With roots going back to the eighteenth century, York Pennsylvania maintains a vivid presence in the Keystone State. Founded in 1741 by settlers from Philadelphia in verdant south-central Pennsylvania, the city is also known as the White Rose City since it bears the name of England’s house of York.

York Pennsylvania’s locale made it well-placed in many key points in American history. In 1777, the newly formed Continental Congress moved from Philadelphia to York Pennsylvania and it was in this city that the name The United States of America was first formed. Today York Pennsylvania is proud of this historical legacy. The White Rose City boasts many architectural gems with no less than four historic districts. Many of its well-preserved structures are listed in the National Register of Historic Places and include the York Meeting House, a structure built by the Quakers in 1766, and the Golden Plough Tavern, home to General Horatio Gates during the War for Independence.

Present-day York Pennsylvania offers visitors many opportunities for sightseeing. The city holds the distinction of being the Factory Tour Capital of the World. Visitors to York Pennsylvania can take a number of tours to see the manufacturing sites of such brands as Harley-Davidson, York Barbell, Hershey’s Chocolate, Perrydell Farm Dairy, Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Factory and Utz Quality Food among others.

The warm, humid climate of York Pennsylvania provides the area with a lush landscape in which to enjoy the great outdoors. Cordorus State Park, spread out over 3,500 acres, offers nature-lovers the opportunity to hike and swim. The park also features boating along the shoreline of nearby Lake Marburg and anglers can try their hand at fishing in the Cordorus Creek.

Year-round seasonal activities in York Pennsylvania include the York Fair, also known as America’s Fair and the Annual Greater York Antiques Show. York Pennsylvania is also home to numerous cultural activities at the Strand Capitol Performing Arts Center, which features live performances of plays, musical arts and art films. It is also home to the York Symphony Orchestra.

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