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Radon gas originates from the decomposition of uranium in the soil under and around your home. The radioactive and carcinogenic nature of the gas make it dangerous to human health. It creeps into houses from under your foundation and becomes trapped in under ventilated areas causing radon pollution. Radon abatement measures, however, help to ensure the radon levels are kept low in such places. Radon testing should frequently be conducted in such environments to keep the homes safe from radon gas. Various testing can be done, including DIY radon testing at home. The recommended level by the EPA should be below 4.0pCi/L. Radon tests typically use a charcoal monitor to determine the levels inside your home. You can also hire a professional radon tester to conduct the radon test but, it has been shown that simple DIY test kits can provide adequate information about the radon levels inside.

After radon remediation has been set up in your home it is important to retest or monitor your indoor radon levels to help ensure low radon gas levels have been established. Radon reduction can be achieved through simple radon abatement procedures like proper ventilation of the house, sealing of radon entry points, or by installing a radon mitigation system. This keep the house properly circulated preventing any radon pollution. Radon mitigation measures should follow EPA standards. Households that decide to use easy and cheap radon mitigation measures may end up spending a lot more in the long run in treating their home for radon remediation. Radon can cause lung cancer and stomach cancer from over exposure through inhalation or through ingestion in water. It is better to install a proper radon system and save time, save money, and save yourself and family from any health risks involved.

Professional radon mitigation ensures you get the correct recommendations for your radon remediation needs. Some radon systems that are installed include sub slab depressurization systems. Sub slab radon systems have fans that are installed inside or outside of the house depending on your situation or mitigation needs. Installation of pipes from the underground run above the rooftop ensuring that radon gas is being remediated from the home where it cannot re-enter and cause any further problems. These measures help in radon reduction and your systems should be regularly maintained for repairs or updates due to increased radon levels. Since radon can increase over time and levels often fluctuate it is important to monitor your indoor radon levels.

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West Linn, Oregon Radon Remediation

About West Linn, Oregon

West Linn Oregon is a small community in south Portland, Oregon. The nearby Willamette Falls is situated between Oregon City and West Linn Oregon and is beautifully horseshoe shaped. It was originally named "Robin's Nest" in 1843 by Robert Moore. It was renamed Linn City in 1845 after Senator Lewis Linn. West Linn Oregon has some 25,000 residents and covers approximately 8 square miles of land alongside the Willamette River. There are many famous mountains that serve as a backdrop to West Linn Oregon including the Cascade range, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens which had an eruption in 1980 spreading volcanic ash as far as Alberta, Canada and into Idaho.

West Linn Oregon has many attractions including art, wine and hiking trails. During Oregon's oyster season, there is nothing better than fresh Oregon oysters paired with an excellent wine in West Linn Oregon. On Wednesdays, local shops have art & wine shows with free tastings of local wines. There are many beautiful hiking trails near West Linn Oregon including Molalla River State Park, Aspen Trailhead to Rocking Chair Dam and Mount Talbert Nature Park.

West Linn Oregon has some of the finest restaurants in the area. Bugatti's is a favorite Italian dining establishment of locals that serves excellent calamari and clams. The Sushi Boat serves Japanese Sushi and is a local favorite for Sushi lovers. Another favorite among locals is Philadelphia's Steaks that serves a top notch rated Philly sandwich.

Whether hiking and site-seeing are your favorite activities West Linn Oregon has so much to offer with its many parks and trails. The local restaurant scene has excellent choices of food and wine fare as well as local produce and fish. Willamette Falls is a must see along with the lock system below the falls. West Linn Oregon is a beautiful city with friendly neighbors and a must-see if you're in the Portland area.

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