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Radon in Mansfield, Ohio

Radon is a gas that is odorless, tasteless, and colorless and undetectable to people, radon gas has the potential to cause serious illness due to over exposure of the dangerous gas over extended periods of time. Studies have been conducted and have confirmed that over exposure to high radon levels can cause lung cancer and other health issues. Radon is actually the second leading cause of lung cancer fatalities – second only to smoking.

The first course of action to ensure that residential occupants are safe from dangerous levels of radon exposure is to conduct radon testing. If a radon test reveals that high exposure levels are present, then an experienced radon expert should be able to develop a comprehensive radon reduction plan to ensure that a radon mitigation solution is effective for any situation.

It is important to become educated on radon mitigation laws for a particular state because not all regions regulate radon testing or radon mitigation. The method and process of measuring radon levels, and implementing radon reduction solutions require advanced technical knowledge and a highly specialized skill-set.

The EPA has revealed that roughly one out of every three homes has surpassed the recommended 4pCi/L radon exposure levels. The radon system that is used for radon abatement strategies is based on the structural foundation of a home or structure, such as a crawlspace or a slab foundation. Radon abatement is accomplished by integrating a soil suction method, which varies based upon the structural foundation of a house or a business.

Considering that radon emissions are fundamentally alpha radiation, which is the same byproduct that is emitted by plutonium; then it highlights the importance of having an effective radon test protocol and acquiring professional radon mitigation services.

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Mansfield, Ohio Radon Remediation

About Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield Ohio is a beautiful thriving community located in the North-central portion of Ohio in the western foothills of the Allegheny Plateau. Located only an hour from the larger cities of Cleveland and Columbus, the gorgeous city retains many of the characteristics of a small town. The thriving city is the county seat of Richland County and home to nearly 50,000 residents.

The town has undergone some changes over the years, but the community's central character remains the same. Mansfield Ohio is home to a hard-working community of dedicated citizens who give back to the community at every chance. Mansfield Ohio is home to 33 parks and 3 public golf courses. Mansfield's diverse array of parks and recreational facilities offer a wide range of activities which the whole family can enjoy. The newly revitalized downtown area is home to the first hand carved carousel to be created in the United States since the 1930's. The city center is also home to many wonderful and unique local antique shops, boutiques, and eateries.

Mansfield Ohio takes its responsibility towards its citizens very seriously and works hard to maintain a wonderful quality of life for the city's residents of all ages. The city maintains an excellent school system, offering quality education through 3 public high schools, 4 middle schools, and 17 elementary schools. The three colleges and universities located in Mansfield are able to supply area business with a highly skilled pool of workers, driving Mansfield's ever dynamic economy towards success.

There are many reasons to love Mansfield Ohio, the cost of living is low, the schools are top-notch and the medical care is world-class. Life in Mansfield Ohio is great with a standard of living ranked far above the national average. Mansfield Ohio was ranked 5th among the best places to raise a family and the housing is considered the 3rd most affordable in the United States. Mansfield Ohio is a wonderful and growing city with an astounding quality of life and a very bright future.

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