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Cancer cases arising from radon gas exposure have become alarmingly high in the USA over the past decade. Radon is colorless and odorless gas that comes from the degradation of uranium in the soil. It is a radioactive and carcinogenic gas that has been proven to cause health issues due to over exposure of the dangerous gas overtime. Radon abatement measures should be adopted to reduce the radon levels in the homes that have been tested at high levels of radon gas. Radon gas penetrates into our homes through cracks in floors, walls, and imperfections in foundations. The floors of the homes should be properly sealed to prevent radon from polluting your homes. Radon not only pollutes the air but can be found in water as well. Therefore, it is very important to do both radon testing in water and the air.

Radon testing is affordable and easy to set up either by yourself or by hiring a professional radon professional. There are various radon tests that you can buy and use without professional help. You can, however, contact professional contractors to help with the radon testing. It is suggested that Radon testing be done at least twice annually and in some cases maybe more. A radon test is used to monitor the levels of the gas and is helpful in deciding the required radon mitigation techniques. Professional contractors provide a list of available and most suitable radon mitigation options. Once the appropriate radon system is adopted, radon reduction in your indoor air should be monitored to make sure your radon system is operating properly.

Radon mitigation measures approved by the EPA standards include installation of active or passive radon systems in or around the house, appropriate ventilation of rooms, installing suction pipes, and possible foundation alterations in your house may be required. Testing frequently is encouraged to ensure the homes are protected from the radon or other carcinogenic gases. Radon has become an dangerous health threat and if not properly managed, the gas can lead to increased health risks such as cancer. The colorless and odorless nature of the gas makes it more dangerous as it is hard to detect its presence in the house. Make sure to test your home and contact a certified radon professional to assist you in any radon mitigation services.

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Wooster, Ohio Radon Remediation

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