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Radon in Westlake, Ohio

Radon gas can cause lung cancer and in some cases stomach cancer when ingested in water. Decomposition of uranium in the soil releases the dangerous gas into the atmosphere. The gas can enter the house through basements, cracked floors, walls, and foundations. This is why radon abatement measures should be put in place. The walls and floors should be properly sealed to avoid the gas from entering the house. Radon levels should frequently be tested to limit their effects. A radon test is easily carried out and is pretty inexpensive. It is advisable to get professional to help with your radon test results and to find out a good plan of action if any is needed.

Radon testing can be done locally through DIY methods and you can find test kits at various local hardware stores, some government entities, and online. You could also hire a radon testing professional which can cost you a bit more money radon testing ensures you get the right recommendations to install the correct radon remediation procedures. It is important to get real professionals to assist you.

Radon mitigation measures help in radon reduction in your homes. More measures to reduce the radon gas include house sub slab depressurization. Radon systems should follow the EPA procedures for the radon mitigation measures to be effective. Levels of radon should also be frequently tested in water, especially a closed water system like wells. Testing for both air and water levels of radon ensures you get the best radon mitigation options in keeping your homes safe. If installing a radon reduction system you should consider the size of your house, and the levels of the radon in your home. Techniques that are more intensive should be assessed in places where radon levels are high. Choose the best options and keep radon levels low in your home.

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Westlake, Ohio Radon Remediation

About Westlake, Ohio

Westlake Ohio is an exciting and diverse place to live, work and play. Located just 12 miles west of Cleveland; it is near enough to experience the energy of downtown and yet enjoys the tranquility of a suburb. It is truly the best of both worlds.

Westlake Ohio has quiet, tree-lined streets and is also a thriving community that is experiencing great economic growth. Top current local employers include: St. John Medical Center (a part of University Hospitals), Hyland Software, and TravelCenters of America, just to name a few. Westlake Ohio will soon be the new home to American Greetings. In addition to the larger corporations, there are many small businesses enjoying the local economic boom.

Westlake Ohio has a lot to boast about. Crocker Park is one of those things. Crocker Park is a 75-acre business, retail and living complex. It is home to some of the finest high-end retail establishments in the area and offers many varied dining choices. There are over 650 gorgeous apartments for living a truly unique lifestyle. Crocker Park is a great place to park your car and walk this small city within a city.

Westlake Ohio offers its residents one of the finest recreation centers in the area. Here you can find ball fields, tennis courts, a stocked fishing pond, trails to walk or bike on, a complete fitness center, several pools, water slides and an indoor "river" to tube on. Whether you like outdoor or indoor activities, the Westlake Recreational Center in Westlake Ohio has it all.

Westlake Ohio also takes education seriously. Westlake Ohio offers an extensive library system, several highly awarded local schools, as well as a local campus for Cleveland State University and the Corporate College of Cuyahoga Community College.

Westlake Ohio is a city that takes things seriously, yet still has fun. It truly is a great place to live, work and visit.

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