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Radon in Clifton Park, New York

When the topic of radon is brought up, individuals normally raise their eyebrows. They are not informed properly about radon gas that could be flowing through their home. They don’t know that radon is a cancerous gas that can be secretly be living in their home. Why is that? Radon cannot be seen, you cannot smell it, and you cannot taste radon. Radon is not like normal gas, it is extremely hard to detect without a radon test or monitor.

In order to detect the radon levels in your home, radon testing is necessary. Radon testing can be done by a short term radon test or long term radon test. Short term radon testing is the fastest way to determine the levels of radon in the home. These test stay in the home for up to 90 days, but some can be administered in as little as 3 days. Long term radon testing system will stay inside your home for more than 90 days, these detectors will be able to inform you on the yearly average of radon in the home. Did you know that the levels of radon can vary every day? This is why testing for radon is important or even purchasing a radon monitor which will track your radon levels through-out the year.

Radon gas is sneaky and life threatening so testing is vital to you and your families health. There are important testing steps that should be followed. Which consist of first taking a short term test to determine the levels of radon gas in your home. If the results of radon gas are above 4 pCi/L or higher, then you need to contact a radon mitigation specialist and find out about your radon mitigation options. By contacting a radon specialist they will be able to help you learn more about your options as well as the best way to properly mitigate your home. By installing a radon reduction system, also known as a radon mitigation system you will be able to reduce the levels of radon in your home and keep your home safe from radon gas. Radon abatement is important! You should not ignore radon and make sure to test your home so that you can prevent lung cancer in yourself and your family.

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Clifton Park, New York Radon Remediation

About Clifton Park, New York

Clifton Park New York is few miles north of Albany and about 20 minutes South of Saratoga Springs. It’s a small town, but there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy including nature parks, recreational activities, shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Nature Parks in Clifton Park New York

One of the best parts of Clifton Park New York is its beautiful nature and forest preserves. The most popular, Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve has an abundance of walking and biking trails, in addition to, marine life such as majestic blue herons and remarkable sea turtles.

Recreation in Clifton Park New York

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Clifton Park New York. The Clifton Commons, for example, offers baseball, basketball, softball and soccer. It also has a playground, an ice arena, and an outdoor stage.

Shopping in Clifton Park New York

You can shop for hours at the Clifton Park Center. The shopping center has sidewalk shops, courtyard shops, big box stores, and specialty boutiques. Additionally, there is a training gym, a dance studio, a hair salon, and more.

Dining in Clifton Park New York

Although there is dining available at the mall, there are hundreds of exciting restaurants in Clifton Park New York waiting to fill your tummy. Italian bistros line the street as well as dozens of mom and pop restaurants.

Nightlife in Clifton Park New York

Dancing, trivia nights, karaoke, live music and free Wi-Fi are a few of the things people enjoy when they go out on the town in Clifton Park New York. The Rusty Nail and the Peddler’s Bar and Bistro are among the local favorites.

From peaceful activities like walking in the park to entertaining nightlife, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Clifton Park, New York.

Other Clifton Park, New York Radon Resources

You may find that some of this information may be helpful for you to browse through. There is information about the city as well as radon information from around your area.

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