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White Plains, New York Radon Mitigation

Radon in White Plains, New York

If you're a homeowner and especially if you have a basement or open crawlspace, then most likely a naturally occurring radioactive gas called radon is accumulating in the air under your home. Radon is a naturally occurring substance that Develops from the radioactive decay of uranium in soil and rock under your home. Certain parts of the country have greater problems with radon gas due to the mineral composition of the Earth. However, radon gas is present in all homes across the United States in varying amounts.

This is one reason why radon mitigation is an important issue to know about. Only through radon testing will you know the level of radon present in the air in your home since radon is an odorless and undetectable gas. Depending on the level of radon gas found in your home, radon abatement may be necessary, which radon abatement refers to a deliberate process of radon reduction in indoor air.

Typically, if the crawl space or basement of your home has adequate air turnover and ventilation, then excessive radon levels will not build up. If high levels of radon are detected in a radon test, it is recommended that you consult a professional who may need to install a radon mitigation system that regulates air exchange under your home and prevents the toxic and radioactive buildup of radon.

A radon system is fairly in-expensive, but can certainly protect your home by venting away any toxic and carcinogenic gases so that your family can breathe securely and safely in your home. Besides, what could possibly be more important than the health and safety of your family. Have your home tested today to find out if your family is safe from the harmful effects of radon gas.

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White Plains, New York Radon Remediation

About White Plains, New York

The name for White Plains New York, stems back to the seventeenth century. As settlers of Manhattan passed through the area, they noticed lush lands with groves of white balsam. A thick mist always seemed to hang over the White Plains New York area. The land became more and more populated, and to date, there are approximately 57,000 residents in White Plains New York. Situated between the Hudson River and the Long Island Sound, New York City is a short 45 minute drive away. The Connecticut border is just fifteen miles away as well.

Many famous names came from White Plains New York, including John F. Kennedy, Jr’s wife: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Facebook creator: Mark Zuckerberg. Today we know White Plains New York as it is famous for its shopping; both large retailers and small, local shops. With Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Barneys nearby, White Plains New York is a gorgeous place to site see and shop away. There are farmer’s markets, restaurants, theatre and a rich culture to enjoy as well. When you walk through the streets you will smell freshly baked pies, fresh produce, organic herbs and spices and so much more. Peruse old school butcher shops and quiet little book stores.

Part of Westchester County, White Plains New York is extremely rich with history and history buffs travel to the area frequently to educate themselves. One of George Washington’s command posts is here as is the original set of table and chairs that Washington used as President. Washington’s headquarters from 1778 is now inhabited by the White Plains Historical Society. A well kept secret, White Plains New York is the perfect location for a getaway with friends or an educational outing with your family.

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