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Cherry Hill, New Jersey Radon Mitigation

Radon in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Radon gas is a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer and other lung related health issues when inhaled over long periods of time. The gas is odorless and colorless making it dangerous, as it cannot be detected when it is in your home.

Radon is produced from the decomposition of uranium underground in the soil. The gas gets into our homes through the openings in your foundations, cracks in walls, and through the floors of our foundations. The gas is present in almost all soils. Research has shown that the gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US.

Various radon mitigation measures can be put in place for radon reduction, including proper house ventilation, sealing off foundation issues, and installation of a radon system. Radon abatement measures are affordable and easy to install and if done properly will help keep you and your family safe from radon. The EPA recommends that all houses should be tested and if the radon test results are greater than 4pCi/L that a radon mitigation system be installed. There are several radon tests available from short-term radon testing, long-term radon testing, and even water radon testing methods.

Radon testing should be conducted in any premises before occupancy or if you currently have not tested your home. Radon testing should be done at least twice every year if not more frequently depending on your situation.

Water can also be polluted with radon. This often occurs in open water like wells or ground water. Radon mitigation options to prevent the pollution of water systems should be adopted if your water tests high for radon content. Ingestion of radon polluted water can cause stomach cancer or other stomach health problems.

Radon is more dangerous to smokers. Since smoking causes lung cancer and radon also can cause the development of lung cancer. Protecting ourselves and our family, from radon pollution is cheaper than managing radon-induced cancer and much more effective. Make sure to have your home tested and protect you and your family from radon gas.

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey Radon Remediation

About Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Cherry Hill New Jersey is a township in Camden County. The nearest major city to Cherry Hill New Jersey is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Collingswood; Camden and Mount Laurel are nearby communities to Cherry Hill New Jersey.

The population is around 69,000 residents. The median household income in Cherry Hill New Jersey is around $90,000.00 annually; the median price for a house is estimated at $600,000.00.

Cherry Hill New Jersey is noted to have had no major tax increase for four years. Annual activities include participation in National Public Lands Day, a voluntary effort to nationally clean public land areas. Also, city officials recently took part in bag hunger day at a local ShopRite.

The historic Harleigh Cemetery is the final resting place for noted poets like Walt Whitman, previous state Senators and high-ranking military personnel. It is said to offer service-oriented planning and guided care for planning one's final arrangements at time of death.

The Garden State Discovery Museum, Mount Laurel, offers a great play area for children and schedules educational programs designed for the family to learn about the world. It is about two miles outside Cherry Hill New Jersey.

Campbell Field is the home for the Minor League Baseball team, The Camden Riversharks. The stadium seats about 6400 spectators situated on North Delaware Avenue in Cherry Hill New Jersey.

Sahara Sam's indoor/outdoor water park and Cherry Hill Water Park both offer unique occasions for family fun. Sahara Sam's is noted for a kid's ideal playground called Splish Splash, the Blue Lagoon attracts serious swimmers, and a poolside bar offering fruity tropical drinks.

Cherry Hill New Jersey has 230 restaurants. Some gluten-free, others feature private group dining; some offer casual American cuisine or ethnic choices. The Capital Grill, Little Tuna and Il Villaggio, offer unique dining options to Cherry Hill New Jersey patrons.

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