Radon Abatement

About Radon Abatement in Homes

Installing Radon Mitigation Systems at home. Radon Reduction is a process that can be daunting but can be accomplished by a confident homeowner. A person undergoing this task should have some general knowledge before beginning. An understanding of the home's structure, some confidence in drilling as well as installing PVC piping is a prerequisite

A homeowner must consider several factors before beginning the process of radon abatement. The most important of these factors is the age of their home. Some foundations of homes were built to be less porous and this can be a complication that requires some thought as drilling into the foundation is a must.

Radon Mitigation and Radon Abatement are much the same thing. However, where as mitigation reduces the severity of it, Radon Abatement is the process of trying to rid the home of it completely. This is done by sealing the home from further entry of radon.

What about the Radon Levels one might find and what level after a radon test is considered somewhat safe? What is a Radon System and what does it do? Essentially, such a system expels the gas by way of suction. A hole is drilled in the foundation of a home to accomplish this

A homeowner can undergo the process of Radon Mitigation themselves but should be forewarned that it is a laborious and tricky process. You will need to gather several materials such as PVC piping, a radon mitigation fan and caulk to seal the holes created by the piping that you will need to install.

There are several techniques of Radon Mitigation. Fans, and air traps are used to pressurize and then depressurize the home. The homes are then sealed to prevent further Radon Gas from building up. Taking steps such as opening windows and doors are advisable, but will only get you so far.

Even after installing this system, a homeowner should perform radon testing. A radon system, like any other piece of technology, is not fail proof. Purchasing a standard radon testing system should be considered amongst the materials you acquire before undergoing this process.

Radon Test Results