Interior Sub-slab Depressurization Radon System

Radon Mitigation System Information

Interior Sub-slab Depressurization Radon System

Interior Sub Slab Depressurization Installations are installed inside of homes or businesses usually to keep the system inconspicuous or not visable from the exterior of the establishment.

The system works by creating a negative pressure under the home. The radon fan that has been installed in the attic of the home or building runs continuously in order for the system to work correctly to mitigate the radon from the home or building. From the radon collection point under the slab of the home or business the radon gas is collected and the systems fan sucks the radon gas from under the home out of the radon collection point which routes the gas safely through the PVC piping up through the attic where the gas is removed from the home out of the systems roof stack installed through the roof of the structure.

Exterior Sub-slab Depressurization Radon Mitigation System

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