SWAT Environmental History

History and story of SWAT Environmental

Find out how SWAT Environmental began and more about the history of our company as we grow in the the radon mitigation and real estate industries. We are constantly striving to be the leader in radon resources and radon mitigation through out the United States and we are here to assist in radon mitigation issues all around the country. SWAT is built on a local owned philosophy to better serve our local markets all over the United States and in your areas. We believe in promoting local growth and assistance and that is why we are a national company with franchises that are locally owned and operated through the majority of the US.

SWAT Environmental Radon Mitigation Vehicles

2005 was a milestone year for SWAT Environmental. This was the year that SWAT Environmental took its first steps outside the state of Michigan and started expanding into national markets. Over the next 9 years, SWAT Environmental has continued to grow and has installed over 100,000 radon mitigation systems in locations all over the United States. In 2013 alone, SWAT Environmental installed more than 15,000 radon mitigation systems nationwide.

Radon Test Results