Crawlspace Depressurization Radon System

Radon Mitigation System Information

Crawlspace Depressurization Radon System

Crawlspace Membrane Depressurization Installation are installed inside of a home or businesses crawlspace membrane which essentially turns the crawlspace into the radon collection point of the system where the radon gas is collected.

The system works by sealing off the crawlspace and uses the sealed space as the collection point for the radon mitigation system. The radon fan is mounted outside of the crawlspace on the exterior of the building and runs continuosly as it pulls the radon gas out of the sealed crawlspace through the PVC pipe that runs up the side of the building and releases the radon gas safely out of the systems stack that extends past the roof line.

Sub-slab Depressurization Radon Mitigation System

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