Joe Gelina VP Franchise Development and Finance

Vice President of Franchise Development and Finance

Joe Gelina leads the expansion of the company through franchise development and leadership. SWAT Environmental is a firm believer in the local presence, with franchises locally owned and operated throughout the country. Joe oversees and nurtures the growth of the company's brand.

Image of Aaron Jones

Vice President of Operations

Aaron Jones plays a vital role in leading the day to day action of SWAT Environmental. From oversight of sales, service, marketing, and logistics, Aaron is key in the success of SWAT Environmental.

Image of Tania Hester

Corporate Controller

Providing the financial expertise of the company, Nancy is an integral part of SWAT Environmental. Together with her financial team, Nancy's steadfast focus allows SWAT to continue growing from year to year to year.

Steve Dawson Sales Manager

Corporate Sales Director

Overseeing the sales team and facilitating the companies workflow, Steve Dawson manages a plethora of talented and knowledgeable team members providing insightful information.

Image of Gordon Satoh

Director of Safety & Technical Services

The commercial market for radon is becoming increasingly more prevalent. Gordon masterfully navigates the commercial market providing superb service and technical awareness while managing his commercial radon mitigation team.

Diana Cotton Marketing Manager

Director of Marketing & Media

Driving corporate vision for branding, Diana continues to work with all SWAT Principals in growing the marketing strategy of the company. Leading the SWAT marketing team, Diana is dedicated to exposing the dangers radon gas and the solutions SWAT Environmental has to offer.

Director of Service and Collections

Ashley has a very demanding job dealing with collections. She has to deal daily with customer issues while being able to manage her support team and making sure that finances are being addressed in a timely manner. Ashley is prompt and dilegent when it comes to collecting funds. Making sure that the collections are being handled correctly and efficiently, Ashley is part of the success here at SWAT Environmental.

Technician Support & Logistics Manager

Brandon makes the workflow between our technicians and our customer base manageable and effortless. His steady demand for results and efficiency give us the edge for promoting our continued success in serving our nationwide customer needs.

Franchise Opportunities

Why SWAT Environmental?

SWAT serves the needs of residential and commercial building owners in an untapped niche within the explosive radon mitigation marketplace, and we are a leader in an industry that's set to skyrocket into the years ahead!

SWAT is the worldwide leader in radon reduction, helping more than 50,000 people make their home or business safe from radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer according to the EPA. We have built a successful business model that we are now sharing with select individuals in strategic markets across the world.

SWAT is passionate about creating well-trained and trusted advisors that provide each client with a customized action plan to achieve safety and wellness within home and office environments. We have built a nationwide business by focusing on value, quality, and working smart.

SWAT understands the power of Strong Partnerships. We are looking for dedicated and committed individuals that share our same vision and passion for success. The profit potential in this business is extremely strong, and is only limited to how large a person wants to grow their business. Partnering with us gives you an amazing competitive advantage, as we will share with you everything we have done to become the best in the industry.

Our Benefits

Discover the important benefits you can help clients realize by offering SWAT evaluations, recommendations, and solutions.

  • Value - Our systems increase our client's property value, making them easier to sell in the marketplace.
  • Comfort - As a SWAT franchise owner, you can help clients transform their homes or offices into comfortable havens, as our systems also help remove problems with humidity, mildew, and mold.
  • Environment - People spend most of their time indoors. Your business will be all about delivering a safe and healthy indoor environment.
  • Health - Clients improve the air quality in their home or office while reducing their exposure to radon environmental concerns. They also get peace of mind knowing their lives and working environments are healthy and safe.

*This website does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise, nor is it directed to, any resident of a state requiring the filing or registration of franchises unless the Franchisor is registered to sell franchises in that state and has received approval of this website as franchise advertising, if required in that state. The states requiring registration or filing of franchises include: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. No franchises will be offered or sold by the Franchisor in any of these states until the franchise offering is registered and declared effective in that state and the Franchise Disclosure Document required by that state has been delivered in accordance with applicable state and federal laws regulating the sale of franchises.



As a SWAT franchise owner, we will show you the best ways to find business. We became the leader in this industry by refining the art of attracting new clients, and you will be equipped with the tools and strategies to uncover opportunities within your marketplace.



You will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to provide unparalleled solutions for each individual client. Our support staff will be with you through every step to help you on any project, large or small.



Utilizing our proprietary software, marketing, and mitigation solutions, we help you build a lasting business. Our process doesn't stop after installation. You will learn how to build off of each system, and our secret formula for winning in this booming industry.

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