Brentwood Tennessee Radon Services

Brentwood TN, Radon Mitigation

Residential, Commercial, Real Estate, & Waterborne Radon mitigation in Brentwood TN,
Resolving radon gas issues in Brentwood through radon mitigation and radon remediation services and techniques.

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Brentwood Tennessee Residential Services

Brentwood TN, Residential Services

Your Families Health & Safetyis our priority
Our Residential Radon Mitigation services in Brentwood can keep your loved ones safe.

We will help to ensure your home is safe from the dangers of radon gas to protect your most important properties.

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Brentwood Tennessee Real Estate Services

Brentwood TN, Real Estate Services

Real Estate Radon Services in Brentwood TN, for Realtors & Real Estate Professionals

We are here to serve & assist in your real estate transactions in Brentwood by ensuring we can properly lower radon levels in homes & keep your real estate transactions moving forward.

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Brentwood Tennessee Commercial Services

Brentwood TN, Commercial Services

Brentwood Commercial Radon Experts helping you maintain a healthy work environment

America's #1 Company with more certified radon technicians than any other radon mitigation company in Tennessee.

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Brentwood Tennessee Waterborne Services

Brentwood TN, Waterborne Services

Brentwood Radon Mitigation Specialist including waterborne radon mitigation services

With the more Radon Mitigation Systems installed than any other mitigation company in Brentwood TN,
SWAT Environmental, radon services for all aspects of radon mitigation including waterborne radon services.

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About Brentwood Tennessee


Located in the central part of the state, the community of Brentwood Tennessee enjoys ready access to both urban and rural lifestyles. Tennessee, a southern State in the eastern half of the United States, stretches from the Appalachian Mountains to the banks of the Mississippi River; it holds a rich history and includes numerous cultural and scenic natural attractions.


Visitors to lovely Brentwood, Tennessee appreciate the attractions this comfortable, affluent small town offers. Located in Williamson County, just south of the large urban center of Nashville, growing Brentwood Tennessee reported a population of slightly over 40,000 people in 2013.

The town of Brentwood was not incorporated until 1969. Long a rural center, Brentwood Tennessee still preserves Owen's Blacksmith Shop, the location of a Civil War battle. The devastating conflict between the North and the South destroyed much of the growing community. Agriculture remained important in the area in the aftermath of the Civil War.

In 1969, the construction of an interstate nearby revitalized the economic prospects of Brentwood Tennessee. The economy began expanding. Today many residents of Brentwood Tennessee commute to Nashville, or work for a few major employers, such as AT&T and ComData.


Modern attractions in Brentwood Tennessee include some 12 city parks, including a 27-acre natural area surrounding state certified Deerwood Arboretum. Recently Brentwood Tennessee purchased historic antebellum Ravenswood Mansion, along with 400 acres of woodlands surrounding this facility. Visitors can now hike, jog or bike through gently rolling hills along many miles of city trails. There are also baseball, softball, basketball facilities, plus a new dog park. Brentwood Tennessee holds a series of musical events for the public every summer. The local historical society has also worked hard to document sites of cultural interest.

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