Radon Causes Lung Cancer

Is Natural Always Better?

Today 's world is filled with the latest trends, from clothing to food, natural is generally thought to be better. Nearly every consumer product has an organic counterpart; shampoo, makeup, produce and even cleaning supplies. With natural being the healthier choice for most products it is easy to forget that naturally occurring things are more harmful than healthy...like radon.

Radon is a natural gas produced by the breaking down of elements in the soil, it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless and it causes lung cancer. Each year in the United States an estimated 21,000 people are given the life changing diagnosis of radon related lung cancer, making it the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Yet we hear so little about it. Why is that? Rush Limbaugh had a theory back in 1992 that hit the nail on the head, "Consider the danger of radon gas. If there is one environmental problem that is real, it is radon...there is no hysteria over radon...because it's natural..."

Being odorless, tasteless and colorless radon is a silent killer. Entering through cracks and crevices in a buildings foundation, it then makes itself at home. Being a heavy gas radon sticks low to the ground and works its way up into every level of the home, silently causing health issues.

It is easy to forget about radon because it is not something that is talked about on a daily basis, but it is still a threat to the health of every American. The good news is that radon related illnesses are 100% preventable. By testing your home once a year, DIY test kits run between $10-$20, and knowing your levels, the proper steps can be taken to protect you and your family. Radon reduction companies, like SWAT Environmental, offer nationwide Radon Mitigation System installations at a price similar to that of a minor home improvement. These systems have been proven to reduce indoor radon levels below the EPA Action Level of 4.0 pCi/L.

By raising awareness to this silent killer, lives can be saved. Spread the word, save lives.

Radon Test Results