Importance of Radon Testing

Protect Your Family This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again, full of family gatherings and holiday celebrations. Those that are hosting these holiday celebrations are always busy with their preparations, as they cook, clean, and decorate their homes. These items are always important when preparing to entertain guests but hosts will also want to make sure their homes are safe before their family and friends begin to arrive. One of the most overlooked safety hazards in a family’s home is high radon levels. Radon is often over looked because it an odorless and tasteless gas. This make detecting radon issues extremely difficult and one of the reasons that it can be an issue for home owners.

What is radon exactly? Well radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is produced by the breakdown of uranium in the soil. This can become a problem for homeowners when this radioactive gas becomes trapped in their home and its radon levels begin to rise. This is also the time of year when temperatures usually drop and windows and doors will begin to stay closed. With less fresh air entering the home it becomes much harder to allow the radon gas that is trapped in one’s home to dissipate naturally. It has been estimated that radon is responsible for tens of thousands of lung cancer deaths each year. This places it as the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. This makes it extremely important to test your home before the holiday’s to ensure your friends and family are safe during this these holiday celebrations.

Because it is much harder for radon gas to dissipate naturally during the winter months, if high radon levels are detected in a family’s home it become extremely important to have a professionally installed mitigation system installed. Why hire a professional radon mitigation contractor to fix your radon problem? If done incorrectly, you can actually increase the radon levels in your home and increase your family’s risks. Want to know if your family is at risk? Order your test kit here and find out if your home is at risk. Testing is the only way to be sure that your family will be safe from the threat of radon this holiday season.

Radon Test Results