World Health Day

World Health Day and Radon

World Health Day is a great time to be thinking about health and the air around us. One such chemical is called radon gas and it can cause health issues. It is very important to make sure that the home you are living in has the lowest level of radon possible.

It is important to do radon testing in order to find out the radon levels in your home. Radon gas can cause different types of health problems, specifically lung cancer. World Health Day is a great time to be sure that your home is free of the substance and if it has some, radon reduction becomes important. It is not necessary to move out, but a radon mitigation system becomes a big priority. The World Health Organization introduces this message to help make the environment safer for everyone.

World Health Day is a Great Time to Encourage Checking Radon Levels

All that is required to maintain proper radon levels is to determine where the levels are at in your home. Once that is done the World Health Organization recommends that a radon mitigation system is installed in the home if your levels are too high. It is highly important to keep the level as low as possible because it is said to carry a risk of cancer at any level.

By sharing information hopefully fewer people will struggle with the dangerous effects of radon gas. It is our goal to see a reduction in health problems brought on by radon. This World Health Day is the perfect time to get a test kit and check your radon levels. Knowledge being spread is an important way of combating this dangerous gas.

Radon Test Results