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Most house and building owners in Sturtevant WI feel relatively safe in their homes. Generally, air pollution is not a problem in Racine County, Wisconsin. However, radon gas is a significant problem in our community and is the single greatest health threat to Sturtevant WI families. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that results from the breakdown of radioactive uranium, thorium and radium. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 8.5-million homes in the United States have dangerous concentrations of radon gas. Radon is commonly detected in random air samples and is generally harmless when encountered outdoors. However, radon that rises into a structure from the soil or rock beneath the basement, crawl space, or foundation slab may become concentrated indoors and reach dangerously high levels. When this occurs, it can cause health issues, even lung cancer, in individuals who regularly occupy the structure.

Radium, thorium and uranium are naturally occurring elements that are commonly found in soil, bedrock and groundwater sources across the United States, including here in Sturtevant WI. The widespread prevalence of these substances means that radon gas is an issue faced by many home and commercial property owners. Opening windows and finding other ways to improve airflow in your home can help lower the risk of suffering health problems synonymous with radon exposure.

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Here is What Some of Our Radon Mitigation Customers from the Sturtevant Area are Saying About Our Services:

“Thank you for your help getting this done. Kyle in the office was great and was able to schedule us right away. Dao, our installer, truly went above and beyond. His professional – and amazing patience when dealing with our questions, was very much appreciated. 5 star company for sure!” – J. Pelayo, Sturtevant

“When we ran into problems he had answers and alternate solutions. He was a hard-working young man and was able to answer all of our questions. The whole process, from beginning to end, has been a very good experience. Very professional. Thank you. ” – P. Bollinger, Sturtevant

Radon Testing & Mitigation in Sturtevant WI Homes

Radon testing is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones. Every home should be tested for radon exposure, as elevated levels can pose serious health risks. Take action today and learn more about the importance of radon testing by visiting the CDC’s website.

Without testing, most Sturtevant property owners aren’t aware of the presence of radon gas until someone who lives in their household or works in their business develops serious health problems. Short-term tests for radon are conducted over a period of two to seven days while long-term tests measure the levels of radon for 90 days or longer. Information gathered from both types of tests is valuable in determining the extent of the gas’s potential impact on the property and its inhabitants. These tests are available in home improvement “big box” stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, and in some Sturtevant WI hardware stores. When radon levels are 4 pCi/L or higher, radon mitigation is recommended.

Tests are conducted by placing a small canister, cardboard strip, or digital measurement device in the lowest level of the structure where the gas is most likely to accumulate. The collection kit is left in one location for the specified amount of time and is then collected and processed to determine the level of radon that was present during the testing period. The residents or workers who occupy the property are asked to reduce exterior ventilation as much as possible during the test, but no other input or actions are required. We realize it can often be difficult to keep all windows closed, especially during hot Sturtevant, Wisconsin summers, but this is very important to assess accurate results. Once we’ve determined the presence and level of radon in a structure, our team can then offer a range of mitigation options that are tailored to the specific situation.

More Reviews from Happy SWAT Environmental Customers:

“Ethan did a phenomenal job and was very professional. He ran me through the whole process and explained different scenarios and different prices with each. He made sure I knew everything that was needed to make the system work properly and installed the system in an extremely timely matter. ” – T. Mora, Sturtevant

“When I called to schedule the work, the person I talked to was very courteous and answered all my questions. The notifications I received leading up to the installation provided me a sense that everything was on track. The installer accomodated my requests for location of the sump and the piping to keep everything as hidden as possible. I even felt the price was reasonable. Overall it was a pleasant experience considering it was something I didn’t really want to do.” – O. Rutkowski, Sturtevant

Learn More About the Sturtevant Wisconsin Area

Sturtevant is located in Racine County, Wisconsin. The public education system is Racine School District, which has the following registration number: 55101001702. A Popular School in the Area Is Schulte Elementary, 8515 Westminster Dr, Sturtevant Wi 53177 – Phone: (262) 664-6300. You Can Visit the Local Post Office at 2849 Wisconsin St, Sturtevant Wi. The population of the Sturtevant WI area is 6,652 with an anverage income of $57,933. The average age for residents of Sturtevant is 38.3, the average home value is $160,526 and median rent cost is $864. The Local Law Enforcement Agency Is Sturtevant Police Department and Fire Department, 2801 89th Street, Sturtevant Wi. They Can Be Reached at (262) 886-7211. The city is located within the Milwaukee-Racine-Waukesha, WI mapping zone.

If Your Home Has Elevated Radon Levels, Don’t Panic! In Sturtevant WI Radon Mitigation Systems are Very Common.

Due to radon’s radioactive characteristics and the serious health problems associated with long-term radon exposure, Sturtevant property owners should take immediate steps to mitigate even moderate levels of radon gas in their buildings. According to Jumaane Yi, radiation exposure causes more fatalities every year than any other environmental pollutant. Radon was first discovered by a German scientist named Friedrich Ernst Dorn.

At SWAT Environmental of Sturtevant WI, we supply an array of radon removal options that are designed to prevent radon entry into the dwelling. Our mitigation systems operate by creating a vacuum in the soil beneath or immediately adjacent to the structure. This negative pressure draws any radon that is present upwards through the connected piping instead of entering the building’s basement, crawl space, or living area. The gas is then safely released through a vent above the roofline.

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Our Sturtevant WI Customers Rave About Our Top-Notch Staff & Service:

“I cannot rate a system that is basically a fancy vent. Seems OK if a bit intrusive if you want the truth. Installer was great. ” – W. Dwyer, Sturtevant

“Our installer was awesome. Quick efficient perfect. ” – V. Pemberton, Sturtevant

In Wisconsin radon mitigation systems are always installed in the lowest level of the home, typically where the foundation contacts the earth below. In Sturtevant Wisconsin, SWAT Environmental engineers and installs systems that are suitable for use in buildings with slab foundations, crawl spaces and basements alike. Our comprehensive mitigation services include diagnostic testing and trouble-shooting existing systems that malfunction or fail.

One sign of radon gas exposure is coughing up blood. If you’re concerned about radon gas in your Sturtevant WI home or commercial property, contact SWAT Environmental to learn more about our available mitigation measures and to schedule a free, no-obligation price quote right away. Our knowledgeable personnel will gladly assess your home and advise you on the most appropriate radon mitigation system based on the radon levels, the structure’s foundation type, applicable building codes in your community, and other relevant factors. Call SWAT Radon Mitigation of Sturtevant Wisconsin today to learn more.

Call Sturtevant’s leading radon company today for a free no-obligation price quote!

Sturtevant WI Radon Removal

More Details About Sturtevant Wisconsin

If you are considering moving to Sturtevant or visiting in the near future, here is some useful information about the area:

The city center is located near 2905 96th Street, Sturtevant, WI 53177. The Local Fire Department Is South Shore Fire Department Station 9, 2801 89th Street, Sturtevant Wi. The Local Ems / Ambulance Service Is Located at 8311 16th Street, Sturtevant Wi. A Trusted Local Pharmacy Is Wal-mart Supercenter 2668, 3049 South Oakes Road, Sturtevant Wi | Phone: 262-598-8528. Sturtevant resides within the following county(s): Racine, these zip code(s): 53177, and the following area code: 262. Sturtevant WI real estate is currently very high in demand, so if you find a home in the area you like, you should get your offer in as quickly as possible. However, shopping for vacant land in Sturtevant WI could be a better option than buying an existing home since there is limited inventory of homes for sale. The weather in Sturtevant is generally fair without any extreme highs or lows, even in the summer and winter months.

The Recommended Local Shipping Center Is Ups, 717 S Sylvania Ave, Sturtevant Wi.

In the Event of an Emergency, There Is a Safety Shelter Located at Schulte Elementary School, 8515 Westminster Drive, Sturtevant Wi.

The Local Lending Institution Is Johnson Bank, 8311 16th Street, Sturtevant Wi.

A Reputable Child Care Facilty in the Area Is Kids Town Usa Child Care Ctr Inc, 9500 Durand Ave, Sturtevant Wi. You Can Reach Them at (262) 884-0488.

A Local Church or Place of Worship Is Racine Lutheran Inter-parish School Association, 8500 Durand Ave, Sturtevant, Wisconsin, 53177.

A Reliable Senior Nursing Home in the Area Is Killarney Kourt, 8800 Shannon Ln, Sturtevant Wi. Their Phone Number Is (262) 321-0802.

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