Radon Mitigation Naperville illinois

Radon Mitigation Naperville illinois

Naperville Illinois Radon Mitigation

Radon is a naturally occurring element found in various amounts in the Earth's air, soil, and water. The most commonly occurring form is radon gas, which is often a result of the radioactive decay of other elements. For home and building safety, radon testing and radon reduction are crucial. Though it rarely interacts with other elements, radon is itself radioactive. Consequently, radon gas continues to decay into other elements, producing solid radioactive particles. Both these solid particles and the original radon gas may also be inhaled. Identified as a significant cause of lung cancer—particularly among non-smokers—radon levels in the home often go undetected. Unfortunately, the gas is odorless and colorless at room temperature. Test systems are cheaply available to detect the presence of this hazard. A radon system detects the radiation emitted by the element. The decision to pursue radon abatement is often based upon consistent findings from a radon tests; one radon test may not accurately reflect radon levels over time due to environmental fluctuations.

Because it is a heavy gaseous element, radon gas can seep into the lower levels of buildings through the foundation. Radon testing can reveal the presence of this odorless gas so that homeowners or building managers may obtain radon mitigation services. Despite the ease of radon testing, radon mitigation and radon abatement sometimes require long term solutions. Radon mitigation often requires sealing any cracks that permit the gas to enter the structure. Additionally, methods of promoting fresh air flow may improve radon mitigation efforts by cycling the gas outside and circulating fresh air inside. As with any gas, radon levels may be reduced, but cannot be completely eliminated; radon reduction efforts should proceed according to established guidelines, such as those of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Successful radon abatement should reduce levels such that any subsequent radon test reveals concentrations consistent with public health requirements.

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Naperville illinois Radon Remediation

About Naperville, Illinois

Naperville Illinois is a Chicago suburb located approximately 30 miles west of Chicago. Naperville Illinois was rated as the second best city to live in by Money magazine in 2006 and according to a 2010 study from Portfolio.com it is the richest city in the Midwest! According to the 2010 U.S. Census Naperville Illinois has a population of 141,853 and a median household income of $105,585.

Naperville Illinois is home to many large companies such as OfficeMax, Kraft Foods, Dukane Precast, and many others. In fact all of the Triscuit products in North America and produced by the Naperville Illinois plant! Naperville Illinois also holds the distinction of being the only large Illinois city to be served by only one hospital, Edward Hospital. Edward Hospital is Naperville Illinois' largest employer with over 4000 people employed.

For relaxation in Naperville Illinois a great place to go is the Naperville Park District. You can visit the Naperville Riverwalk or spend some time at Centennial Beach, which is adjacent to the famed Centennial Park. If golf is more to your liking Naperville Illinois is home to two golf courses, Springbrook and Naperbrook. Knock Knolls park is a wonderful place to get some exercise in with their mountain bike trail or their 9 hole disc golf course.

Naperville Illinois has a vibrant nightlife and whether you're looking for a nice restaurant or a quiet hole in the wall pub, everyone is sure to find a place to their liking. While in Naperville Illinois be sure to check out the Moser Tower containing the Millennium Carillion. This amazing bell tower has 72 bells and is a must see for anyone! This wonderful city also boasts one of this nation's finest libraries that has over a million visitors each year. Whether you're looking for a new home or a great vacation be sure to visit Naperville.

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