Radon Mitigation Atlanta Georgia

Radon Mitigation Atlanta Georgia

Manage Radon in Atlanta Georgia

Radon gas is the leading method by which the average person becomes exposed to radiation. However, it's worth mentioning that because radon gas cannot be detected by any of our five senses, radon testing requires mechanical equipment. One of the reasons why radon testing is so important is that excessive radon levels are responsible for the second leading cause of lung cancer.

The actual process of radon testing is relatively simple. Short term radon test devices involve hanging them from the lowest floor of a house for roughly a week before then being sent off to a lab for analysis. Long term radon test devices work on a similar principal but take readings over the course of an entire year. There are also testers which gauge the radon emanating from ground prior to the beginning of a construction job. The way that these testers function is by gauging how much radon is in the area. Radon is a naturally occurring element but only significant levels are worth worrying about.

If you've received notice about how much radon is in your home, there are several methods, radon mitigation, radon reduction, and radon abatement; by which you can take care of it. The easiest method of radon mitigation is to just better ventilate the area, allowing the radon to spread out more and generate a less harmful air quality. Another method of radon mitigation that involves a bit more work is opening up airflow underneath the foundation, such as with suction work in the soil. One last method by which you can work in radon mitigation or radon abatement is with a positive pressurization system, this assists with radon reduction by cycling the air flow and preventing any potential increase in the concentration of radon in some housing circumstances.

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Atlanta Georgia Radon Remediation

About Atlanta, Georgia

As a capital city, Atlanta Georgia is one of the most historic, and interesting places to visit, year round. Whether it's your first visit, or you've come to love the area, and with good reason, Atlanta Georgia is an energetic city full of culture, one-of-a-kind attractions, and certainly, antiquity. Every year for these reasons, more and more people visit the area, making it the seventh most frequently toured city in the U.S.A.

Things to do in Atlanta Georgia

In addition to the Georgia State Capitol building, and the city's skyline, Centennial Olympic Park, Canopy Walk, and the Atlanta Georgia Aquarium are each popular destinations to spend time at enjoying. For a special occasion, the SunTrust Plaza building offers visitor's 360 rotating views, tantalizing bar offerings from the 73rd floor, and seasonally inspired fare at the elegant, Sun Dial Restaurant. The World of Coca-Cola is also located nearby, and extends VIP guided tours.

Fun Facts

Atlanta Georgia boasts over 50 streets named, "Peachtree". The area's historical Jonesboro district provides visitors with stately tours, and other year round, exciting events, and countless celebrity chefs oversee the area's top restaurants. From delectable barbecue dishes to independently owned American style taverns, the city of Atlanta Georgia is both diverse, and distinct. Atlanta Georgia is home to the house that Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up in, and boasts three major sports teams, the Atlanta Georgia Falcons, the Atlanta Hawks and of course, the Atlanta Braves.

Atlanta Georgia is welcoming, and remarkably easy to navigate, despite being considerably large. Atlanta is also one of the top-10 cities listed for having the best year round weather, making travel to, and from, all the more accommodating. Average temperatures allow for an average of 60% sunshine, consistently. A perfect location, and centralized from many other major cities, Atlanta is a wonderful place to visit, or to call home.

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