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Any new structure as well as an existing home that is on the market should be fully inspected to make sure that it does not have a problem with radon gas. Radon gas is a potentially serious problem in the house that will need to be removed via radon mitigation efforts. The person who is thinking of buying the house or the building will need to make sure that radon testing has been done on the space before they buy it. The buyer will also need to make sure that any prior radon mitigation efforts and any plans at radon abatement are still working. This is why it makes sense to conduct new radon testing even where radon testing has been used before.

Radon mitigation efforts are typically focused around the process of radon mitigation and radon abatement in the space. This is often done by the installation of a radon system that is designed to remove radon levels that may be dangerous and expelling the radon from the space. Radon reduction efforts may involve anything from a simple fan to far more complicated efforts that will need to be inspected before the person buys the structure to make sure that such radon reduction methods are still working.

A radon test can reveal if the homeowner needs to additional steps or can leave the present method in place. The radon test is typically left in place for a few days and then sent off to a lab to check if it shows that radon may still be a problem. This kind of double checking can be highly useful, especially in a space that may not have been examined closely in many years. The new owner can take all appropriate steps to confront the problem and make sure that their family stays safe once moving into the building.

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The Rise of Westport, Connecticut

Westport Connecticut is a coastal town that measures 33.3 square miles along the Long Island Sound in Fairfield, Connecticut. New York can be found 47 miles northeast of Westport Connecticut. As of 2010, the population had reached 26,391 and the annual median income was $152,894.

The first settlers came to Westport, Connecticut in 1693, but archeological remains found date back 7,500 years ago. It is said that the Pequot Indians were the first to inhabit the land of Westport Connecticut. The first name given to the town was Bankside, after the five founders, known better as the "Bankside Farmers". In 1732, it was renamed, Greens Farm, until it finally became known as Westport, in 1835.

The main industry in Westport Connecticut, use to be agriculture. Onions were the main crop, until they were hit with blight. Factories and mills soon replaced the onions. Around 1910, Westport Connecticut became a place for artists, writers, and musicians to escape. F. Scott Fitzgerald was among this group. It became known as, a "creative heaven" during this time period.

Between 1950 and 1970, the population soared in Westport Connecticut. People quickly took notice of the unique and charming town. With the close proximity to New York and a great school system the town began booming. Today, Westport Connecticut is still a booming town and has frequently been featured in movies, television shows, music, and books. The Westport Country Playhouse is always creating buzz. Paul Newman helped push this theater into notoriety after he moved to Westport Connecticut. Many of the shows performed here have went on to Broadway. With all of its natural beauty and such a well-rounded community it really is no wonder why Westport Connecticut is such a prominent town. It will continue to be a "creative heaven" for decades to come.

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