Radon Mitigation Wichita Kansas

Radon Mitigation Wichita Kansas

Radon in Wichita, Kansas

Radon often occurs when the soil breaks down and contains uranium that moves up through the house or buildings foundation. It gets into cracks and holes in the foundation and can be found either in new or older homes. The way it gets into your home is through cracks in the walls, gaps in suspended floors, gaps around the service pipes, cavities, and the water supply.

About 1 in 15 homes are estimated to have high radon levels. High radon levels are often found in buildings and schools. A radon test can be short term or long term depending on what your needs are. Radon testing is often done in most homes bought and sold because homeowners want the test done.

Radon reduction is one way to reduce the levels in your home. A vent pipe system and fan is a popular system used to reduce the levels in the home. This radon system pulls the radon below the foundation and vents it outside the house. It does not need major renovations to your home to use. Sealing cracks and holes in the foundation helps. Reduction requires a trained professional that knows the ins and outs of radon testing and solutions.

There are two types of radon mitigation done when it is found in your home. One is the area that it is found leaking from is sealed This is called passive mitigation and not the best method to use. The most popular is a sub slab ventilation system. which removes radon by venting it outside and sealing the areas where it leaks from.

Radon gas has been linked with cancer so it is important to test homes and buildings for this problems. It usually enters the home through soil but can enter through water supply too. Radon abatement services will test your home or company and help your remove the problem or find a solution to reducing it.

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Wichita Kansas Radon Remediation

About Wichita, Kansas

Wichita Kansas is a city located in the south central part of the state on Interstate 29. It is a large city with many modern features and a great supply of world class gold courses. Wichita Kansas has many suburbs and it is located close to the Oklahoma Border. Derby is a very nice suburbs located in the southern part of Wichita. Wichita citizens are known for their love of food and drink and the friendliness one would expect in this Midwestern city.

There are many great places to eat in Wichita Kansas. For fans of Kansas City and Oklahoma barbecue there are many great pit style barbecue restaurants in the downtown area of Wichita Kansas. Old Town is a historic district nestled in the downtown part of Wichita Kansas and it is a very popular tourist destination with many attractions. A great option if you are visiting this area is to head to Old Town on a Friday or Saturday night and experience the live music and other entertainment. Old Town is also a great place to sample the different foods and bars found in the city. The parks by the river in downtown are a great place to chill out in the shade and read a favorite book by the Wichita River. This is a also a great city for walking or biking on one of the many paths maintained by the city.

The main industry in Wichita Kansas is aeronautics. Many large aerospace and aircraft manufacturing firms are based in Wichita Kansas. The weather in Wichita Kansas is distinguished by short mild winters and hot and humid summers. Fans of the outdoors will love Wichita Kansas. Visitors to this amazing city in the heart of Kansas hill country will not be disappointed.

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